Sofia Veron was crowned Reina Latina Internacional 2024 on March 21st: Check Streams

Paraguay takes the Latin crown home

Streaming Now: Reina Latina Internacional 2024 on March 21st: Check Results

Thursday, March 21, 2024: The Grand Finale and Coronation was Streamed Live today on Mar 20th, 2024  from Mexico where successor of the out going queen Gisella Flores, Reina Latina Internacional 2023 will be elected to wear the first international title.

Results: Winner: Reina Latina Internacional 2024 (Paraguay)

  1. 1st Runner-up: Mexico, Mayra González
  2. 2nd Runner-up: Ecuador, Mellanie Loor Solis
  3. 3rd Runner-up: USA Latina, Julieta Contreras
  4. 4th Runner-up: Riviera Maya, Paulina Cardona
  5. 5th Runner-up: Puerto Rico, Juanita Polanco

The Reina Latina Internacional 2024 Contestants are:

  1. Juanita Polanco, Puerto Rico, @juanitapolancopr 
  2. Mayra González, Mexico, @itsmayrago
  3. Adriana Alonso, Cuba, @adri_alonso.e
  4. Sofia Veron, Paraguay, @soffia_veron
  5. Abigail Rovelo, Honduras, @abigailrovelo_
  6. Jessica Villalobos, Costa Rica, @jessi_v.h 
  7. Paulina Cardona, Riviera Maya, @paulina_chdz
  8. Mellanie Loor Solis, Ecuador, @mell.als
  9. Thami Espinosa, Uruguay, @thamiespinosauy
  10. Julieta Contreras, USA, @julietacontrerass

Outgoing Queen Reina Latina Internacional 2023, Gisella Flores expressed her emotions at the last hours  of her tenure "In 2021 I began a story that I didn't know would change my life forever, so many things have happened since then... but everything has led me to be the woma

n I am today, from where I am, and with whom I am. Today, being @reinalatinaint I know that everything has been worth it. For now; I'll just say THANK YOU. Eternally thank you!"


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