Silvia Dörre Sanchez was crowned Queen of Germany 2024 on March 16th

The Grand Finale and Coronation at The Crowns at Queens of Germany 2024 Pageant, is Saturday, March 16, 2024 at the DX Venue where 17 Contestants women from various parts of the Germany showcase their personality and beauty on stage: The Hosts are Anja Katrin Fenk and Fahmida Sultana Dima.

The Reigning Queens who gets their successor tonight are:

  • Queen of Germany 2023, Cassandra Serdan
  • Miss Supranational Germany 2023, Maria Ignat
  • Miss Globe Germany 2023, Olha Shcherbaniuk
  • Miss Aura Germany 2023, Denisse Nicolle Ligpitan

In the coronation night the 17 contestants presented themselves, made swimsuit round, evening gown round, super model round of competitions followed by Top 10 On-stage Question - Answer before the announcement of winners.

Results: Winner: Silvia Dörre Sanchez Queen of Germany 2024

  • Queen of The Globe 2024: Andromeda

  • Queen of Supranational 2024: Luisa Victoria Malz, Miss Supranational Germany 2024

  • Queen of Aura 2024: Vanessa Brodt

  • 1st Runner-up: Iryna Zheloba

  • 2nd runner-up: Resma Maharjan

DX Venue Powered by MBN Event is located at Herzbergstraße 129, between the entrance gates of the Dong Xuan center in Berlin-Lichtenberg.

Check The List of 17 Contestants Vying The Crowns at Queens of Germany 2024 Pageant

The Queens of Germany 2024 Pageant Organized by The Queens’ Camp together with Tam Urbanek, DXVenue and MBN Event also allowed to select 5 contestants to advance into The Top 10 directly at URL

  1. Stella Inge Jutta, @stel_cr0ss, World Miss University Germany 2022, Miss Thuringia 2020/21
  2. Silvia Dörre Sanchez, @silviadoerresanchez, Air Hostess, World Citizen, Polyglot, Allrounder, Educator and Activist
  3. Resma Maharjan, @mhrzn_resma, says "When you want something so badly, you just do it. You don’t think about how hard it’s going to be."
  4. Raza (Drei Jahre), @_ra_za_i
  5. Maria, @mdotkdot_
  6. Luisa Victoria Malz, @lululuisa_victoria, Miss Grand Germany 2021, Top 20 Miss Grand International 2021, Influencer, Lifestyle & Fashion
  7. Kimberly Haus, (Eure Kim) @sporty_kimii, Miss Face of Beauty Germany, Miss NRW 2024, Miss Heritage International Germany 2023
  8. Kerttu, @kepajoki
  9. Jesslyn Schulz, @jesslynsch, A Filipina German lives in Hamburg
  10. Isabel, @cute.but.isa
  11. Candy Vicente, @candy.vicente
  12. Bianca, @biancadelsol, Bodypiercer & Zahnschmuckartistin
  13. Iryna Zheloba, @irina_zheloba, from Odessa, Ukraine, Doctor Obstetrician-gynecologist, Miss Freedom of Ukraine 2022, Miss Freedom of Europe 2022, Miss Beauty of the World, Model
  14. Alyssa Mariam, @alyssamariam1, Miss MGO Brandenburg 2024
  15. Anna
  16. Vanessa Brodt, @lapanita_, M. Sc. Business Informatics, Miss Eco Europe 2021, CMO SaveSpace
  17. Andromeda, @@a_ndr.meda

Berlin, Germany March 7, 2024: Today The Queens' Camp National Director Nestor dela Cruz has released following information:

The stage is set, the excitement palpable as Germany prepares for a dazzling showcase of beauty and talent at the highly anticipated "Queens of Germany 2024" beauty contest. Scheduled to take place in Berlin on March 16th, this prestigious event promises to be a celebration of grace, elegance, and empowerment. 
We are thrilled to announce our esteemed partner, Dong Xuan and MBN Events for graciously providing the venue for this spectacular event. Their commitment to excellence and dedication to fostering creativity align perfectly with the ethos of "Queens of Germany," and we are honored to collaborate with them in bringing this vision to life. 
In addition to our partnership with Dong Xuan and MBN Events we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the renowned fashion designer, Tam Urbanek, for her unwavering loyalty and contribution to the success of "Queens of Germany." Her exquisite designs will undoubtedly elevate the beauty and glamour of the contestants, adding an extra layer of sophistication to the event. 
"Queens of Germany 2024" promises to be an unforgettable evening, showcasing the diversity and talent of Germany's most exceptional women. From the captivating runway walks to the inspiring stories of resilience and determination, this event will shine a spotlight on the beauty and strength that define the modern woman. 
Join us in celebrating beauty, talent, and empowerment at "Queens of Germany 2024" in Berlin on March 16th. For media inquiries, sponsorship opportunities, and ticket information, please email us at 
Let the countdown to crowning the next queens begin! 
"Queens of Germany" is a prestigious national beauty contest that celebrates the diversity, talent, and empowerment of women across Germany. Founded on the principles of inclusivity, authenticity, and empowerment, "Queens of Germany" aims to redefine beauty standards and inspire women to embrace their unique qualities with confidence and pride.

Sunday, September 10, 2023: Application for Queens of Germany 2024 pageant are now open.

Aspiring Contestants must note the application deadline on September 30, 2023 at 11:59 PM. Logon to the official website at, and keep checking and for further updates.


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