Sheynnis Palacios is CROWNED Miss Universe 2023 - 2024

The Proud Country Nicaragua Takes Miss Universe Crown Home - Mexico will HOST The 73RD Miss Universe 2024 - 2025

Miss Congeniality award goes to Spain's Athenea Pérez while Spirit of Carnival Award winner is Philippines' Michelle Dee

New Miss Universe 2023 - 2024, Sheynnis Palacios has won over 83 Contestants

Sat, Nov 18, 2023: The new Miss Universe Owner Anne JKN aka Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip of JKN Group has created history when New Miss Universe 2023 - 2024 of the 72nd edition, Sheynnis Palacios is crowned by The Reigning Queen R'Bonney Gabriel Miss Universe 2022 as her successor who wins over 83 Contestants at the end of FINAL LIVE Streamed from the pageant venue The Gimnasio Nacional José Adolfo Pineda in San Salvador, El Salvador Today on Saturday, November 18, 2023 which started 7pm CT / 8pm EST. Palacios represented her country Nicaragua as Miss Nicaragua 2023 winner.

New Miss Universe 2023 - 2024, Sheynnis Palacios is crowned with The Mouawad crafted the Miss Universe Force for Good Crown. She first entered Top 20 Finalists List after name and country presentation. Then swimsuit round placed her in TOP 10 List. With heart-touching song performed by John Legend, the American singer-songwriter and record producer, she found herself in Miss Universe TOP 5 List. Finally on-stage Q$A round made her the owner of Miss Universe Crown during current reign which span over the year 2024 till the crowning of new Miss Universe 2024-25.

Finally Sheynnis Palacios was placed TOP 3 and became the winner of most sought-after crown in the universe. The Runners-up, in the court of The 72ND Miss Universe 2023 - 2024, are Anntonia Porsild 1ST Runner-up of Thailand and Moraya Wilson 2ND Runner-up of Australia along with TOP 5 placements Puerto Rico's Karla Guilfú and Colombia's Camila Avella.

This year, for the first time, Mouawad the maker of Magnificent Jewelry and Watches and CI Talks communication platform presented the Voice For Change competition which awarded thee Gold Winners, Angola's Ana Coimbra, Philippines' Michelle Dee and Puerto Rico's Karla Guilfú. There are seven silver winners, Brazil's Maria Brechane, Chile's Celeste Viel, Lebanon's Maya Aboul Hosn, Singapore's Priyanka Annuncia, South Africa's Bryoni Govender, Ukraine's Angelina Usanova and Zimbabwe's Brooke Bruk-Jackson.

This year Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip owned Miss Universe has created history with presenting Miss Universe LIVE Stream FREE for All World. The Full Performance of New Miss Universe 2023 - 2024 and Complete Coronation Show with Crowning Moment is available here to watch:

New Miss Universe 2023, Sheyniss Palacios arrived as Miss Universe Nicaragua 2023 in San Salvador in El Salvador in the first week of November and participated in various activities including Private Interview, Preliminary Competition and National Costume Contest. Now the whole universe knows she will return her home as Queen of Universe.

Miss Nicaragua Organization remarked "Sheyniss Palacios Miss Nicaragua 2023 is Miss Universe 2023. Thank you for uniting a country in this dream! Congratulations @sheynnispalacios_of sovereign of universal beauty"

Palacios presented El Zanate National Costume @ Miss Universe El Salvador Arena and revaled her feeling as "Opening my wings to the wind I am the elegant and beautiful zanate of jet black colors, with iridescent tones and beautiful singing. I am the inspiration to create this beautiful piece of dark tones that represents the adversity that with iridescent sparkles are the sign that there is always a light at the end of the road. I am cheerful, boisterous, spicy like the Nica, optimistic and ready for a new day, cheering up the parks and fields of my beautiful Nicaragua and all of Latin America."

Jorge Salazar Caliz has designed the El Zanate National Costume who has posted excellent visuals at @jorgito_salazar Insta Handle. The Complete National Costume Show can be watched at URL and the Preliminary Competition at URL

Sheynnis Palacio is an 23-year-old mental health activist and audiovisual producer from Managua, Nicaragua. She usually prefers to be behind the camera, but she’s come out of the wings because she believes in finding solutions for as many of the world’s problems as she can. As a problem-solving kind of person, she put herself through the communications program at her university by working in her mom’s snack business. When the business faltered in an economic crisis, her mother migrated north to find a better job, and she became the economic and emotional support for her grandmother and young brother.

Her cause this year will be mental health, which stems from her own experiences with anxiety. Coming from a country where this issue is rarely addressed, she started an accessible initiative called “Understand Your Mind,” in which she interviews a specialist on emotional care in her television segments. She has also produced events and other audiovisual projects on this theme. Her goal in life is to work in the service of humanity, by running a newsroom and producing content and commercials for international brands.

In her spare time, she rescues cats and dogs, and loves a good mental game and puzzle.

Get To Know The National Crowning of:

  • Anntonia Porsild Miss Universe Thailand 2023
  • Moraya Wilson Miss Universe Australia 2023
  • Sheynnis Palacios Miss Universe Nicaragua 2023
  • Karla Guilfú Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2023
  • Camila Avella Miss Universe Colombia 2023

Images: Including advances of Miss Nicaragua - Official Social Media


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