Shavana Clarke is crowned Miss Connecticut USA 2024

Miss Greater Bridgeport USA becomes Miss Connecticut USA 2024 who studied BFA Acting at University of Connecticut

On conclusion of Miss Connecticut USA 2024 Pageant which as was a three day gala April 12th, 13th and Sunday, April 14th, Shavana Clarke is crowned Miss Connecticut USA 2024 after winning against 13 Contestants.

She succeeded and was crowned by outgoing queen Karla Aponte Roque, Miss Connecticut USA 2023.

Contestant's Statement

Clarke once told here which best explains her inner instinct as pageant girl, read the full statement:
As I prepare for speaking engagements with an incredible organization here in Connecticut, I’ve been reminiscing my coming out journey and I’m feeling all the emotions as I transcribe my journey. Coming out wasn’t black and white for me, like it isn’t for a lot of people. In middle school I concocted the “perfect” version of Shavana and I grew up hating anything that didn’t align with that level of “perfection”, my sexuality being one of those things. I physically, mentally, and emotionally harmed myself trying to fit into this mold that I was often told I had to fit into.

Now, I’m proud to be a lesbian (saying that word still feels weird but not wrong). I’m proud to love and be loved in the way that is healing for middle school Shavana.

I share this because regardless of sexuality, we all at some time or another have probably felt like we were placed in a box for the sake of perfection and conformity. But we’re not meant to live in boxes, we’re not toys. We are living, breathing, feeling human beings and no other human dictates how we move, live and feel through this experience called life. We all deserve to safely exist and live our authentic truth.

Results: Shavana Clarke, Miss Connecticut Teen USA 2024 (Greater Bridgeport)


  1. Jenna Hofmann
  2. Christina Judd
  3. Shavana Clarke
  4. Ashley Rodón
  5. Dana Daly

TOP 11

  1. Shayla Hughes
  2. Kathyria Burgos
  3. Katie Kennedy
  4. Gabriella Vigorito
  5. Jillian Cisco

Check The List of 19 Contestants Vying Miss Connecticut USA 2024 Crown

  1. Shayla Hughes, @shaylahughes_, Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Student
  2. Kathyria Burgos, Miss Bridgeport USA, was Elite Mission International 2022, Miss Grand Red Hook @ Miss Grand US Virgin Islands 2024 @kathyriaxo
  3. Dana Daly, Miss Brookfield USA
  4. Christina Bove, Miss Danbury USA
  5. Jenna Hofmann, was Miss Teen New York US 2018
  6. Christina Judd, Miss Fairfield County USA
  7. Shavana Clarke, Miss Greater Bridgeport USA 2024, @shavanakrln
  8. Ashley Rodón, Married to Carlos Rodón, The New York Yankees
  9. Katie Kennedy, @katiekennedy5
  10. Madison
  11. Gabriella Vigorito, Miss Middlesex County USA
  12. Dr. Ti'Air Clayton Riggins, Miss Milford CT USA, was Miss Indiana USA 2015
  13. Jillian Cisco, Miss New Heaven County
  14. Amber, @iamyesamber, Miss Old Greenwich USA, B.S in Marketing, PS in Fashion Merchandising and Owner of February Nine Animal FREE products
  15. Alyssa Manthos, Miss Stratford USA
  16. Ivy Too, Miss Tolland County USA
  17. Whitney Quarles, Miss Trumbull USA
  18. Mary Rose, Bridal Stylist, Certified Barre Instructor @fit30cheshire and Childhood Literacy Advocate
  19. Róisín Coleman, Miss Windsor USA, CybersecurityBabe
The Contestants Dana Daly, Miss Brookfield USA said "I’m so thankful to everyone that has supported me and pushed me to embrace every aspect of my life. The struggles I’ve faced over the last few years used to be something that I wanted to hide, for fear that it would be perceived as weakness or imperfection. Instead I’ve come to realize that life is about embracing those imperfections and understanding that whatever circumstances you face won’t define who you are and the impact you can make." She also revealed a shocking fact of her life here.


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