Paula Henríquez was crowned Miss Grand Chile 2023

International model Paula Henríquez was Reina Hispanoamericana Chile 2021, Miss Ultra universe 2020-2021 and Miss Universo Santiago 2019 who now ill respesent her country Chile in the Miss Grand International 2023 Pageant.

Miss Grand Chile 2023 Pageant at Venue Teatro ICTUS in Santiago de Chile

Sun, Jun 18, 2023: As of now only six contestants are in crown race, check below list, contestants no 1-6.

Fri, Jun 16, 2023 Hollywood and Santiago: Miss Grand Chile 2023 will be now scheduled on Sunday, June 18, 2023 in Santiago, Earlier Date was Sunday May 14th 2023.

The Reigning Queen Karina Pérez Gres Miss Grand Chile 2022 will crown her successor, the winner in all contestants, as new Miss Grand Chile 2023 at the end of grand finale.

This year the pageant venue for is selected as Teatro ICTUS a Performing Arts Theater in Santiago, Chile located at Address: Merced 349, 8320115 Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile.

Check The LIST of Miss Grand Chile 2023 Contestants

  1. Pudahuel Representative Sofia Astur Miss Grand Pudahuel @sofia_astur
  2. Santiago Centro Representative Camila Joscelyn Miss Grand Stgo. Centro @c.cosmelli_
  3. Navidad Representative Melissa Astur Miss Grand Navidad @melissa_astur
  4. Miss Grand La Reina Fancisca Ramírez Matta @franramirezmatta, represents city of La Reina, studies in faculty of dentistry at the Andréa Bello National University
  5. Antofagasta Representative Naribe Diaz Miss Grand Antofagasta @naribe.diaz
  6. Las Condes Representative Paula Antonia Henríquez Miss Grand Las Condes @pauhenriquezv
  7. Curico Representative Cecilia Castilo
  8. La Reina Representative Francisca Ramírez Matta
  9. Ñuñoa Representative Macarena Flores
  10. Machalí Representative Angie Marin Quiroz
  11. Viña del Mar Representative Michaella Celeste Navarro


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