Olimpia Elena Carmina Cotfas Miss Universe Romania 2021 @ Eilat Arena Journey

Radio Host, Access to Health Care Advocate, History Student, Model, Former Volleyball Player & Genuinely Curious person OLIMPIA ELENA CARMINA COTFAS Country Romania Age 20 Instagram @carminacotfas, latest share says My first and second day officially in the @missuniverse bootcamp were so busy! I got to meet the girls, the locals and visited some amazing places! Today, I do a throwback to these past days, posting a photo of my first dinner out of quarantine and some photos from Arad, a lovely city we visited on our way to Eilat!

Olimpia Elena Carmina Cotfas is a Romanian radio host, health care advocate, history student, former professional volleyball player, and model. Carmina was never afraid to follow her passions, no matter how different they were.

Her dream is to lead by example and empower others to become whoever they want to be, not what society expects them to be.

She believes in the equality of opportunity; the circumstances of your birth should not determine your life — it should be your choice.

Olimpia Elena Carmina Cotfas Miss Universe Romania 2021, Tell You FUN FACTS of Her LIFE!!!

  • I am studying history, my ultimate career goal is to be a university professor.
  • I am a sports enthusiast and I have played volleyball for 5 years!
  • Music is among my interests too, I took singing lessons for 9 years and also took piano courses!



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