Now Streaming LIVE: Miss Teen Chile 2023 Pageant with 22 Contestants

Sun, Mar 5th, 2023: Jorge Aldoney Mazzachiodi Mister World Chile 2022 commences the Final Gala, the joined by Ambar Zenteno Miss World Chile 2022.

This is the time to logon Miss Teen Chile 2023 LIVE Pageant Streaming from Santiago starting at 4pm as Youtube LIVE Available to Watch FREE Al Over World, Check Here Now.

Result WINNER: Josefina Bravo Miss Teen Chile 2023

María Fernanda Sepúlveda 1st Runner-up, Virreina, Estacion Central
Arantza Cornejo 2nd Runner-up, Tercer Lugar, Viña del Mar

The LIST of Contestants Appearing on Stage Miss Teen Chile 2023 LIVE

  1. Fernanda Muñoz, Pudahuel
  2. Catalina Estrada, the commune of Maipú
  3. Sofia Vergara, Quilpué Norte
  4. Gemima Emile, Paine
  5. Lindsay Cornejo, Machalí
  6. María Fernanda Díaz, Los Ángeles
  7. Alexandra Peña, Constitución
  8. María Fernanda Sepúlveda, Estacion Central
  9. Arantza Cornejo, Viña del Mar
  10. Josefina Bravo, Concón Centro
  11. Gabriela Campos, Quilpué Sur
  12. Krishna Paredes, Lo Prado
  13. Kiara Mello, La Florida Norte
  14. Catalina Vallejos, Las Condes
  15. Valeria Allendes, Arica
  16. Julianna Guilmai, Rancagua
  17. Makarenna Torres, Los Angeles Sur
  18. Amaya Santis, Concón Costa
  19. Yisleina Caro, Concepción
  20. Magdalena Navarro, La Florida Centro
  21. Maria Isabel Giraldo Sandoval, La Florida Sur
  22. Isidora Ahumada, Loncoche

Wed, Mar 1, 2023: Today Miss Teen Chile Organization announced esteemed guest list who are to attend the grand finale on Sun, Mar 5th, 2023. Meet The Special Start Guests invited to join Miss Teen Chile 2023 LIVE Pageant are Sofia Vargas Miss Teen Chile 2022, Ambar Zenteno Miss Mundo Chile / Miss World Chile 2022, Jorge Aldoney Mister Mundo Chile, Valerie Johnson Miss International Chile 2022, Catherine Dauvin Dama Chilena, Francisca Espinoza Teen Mundial Chile 2022, Mario Irazzoky Mister Chile, Anita Rojas Reina Hispanoamericana Chile 2022, Fabiola Arteaga Miss Mini Chile, Camila Vasquez Miss Santiago, and Karina Meza Supermiss Del Ano.

Thu, Feb 23, 2023: The Miss Teen Chile Organization today released Teen Fashion TOP 4 as Paine, Central Station, Pudahuel And South Angeles Contestants. The organization has instructed all contestants “The Test was to show your style with using your cell phone and your own wardrobe. Very important to be true to your own essence, be creative and believe your story in the purest Fashion Week style.” In Official Instagram Stories  @misschileteen, vote between Paine and South Los Angeles is found to define the Teen Fashion 2023!

The organization has shared The LIST of 28 Contestants Vying for Miss Teen Chile 2023 Crown during the Month Sep 2022 which can be seen at the Official Facebook Page along with their brief bios,

Meet Sofia Vargas Miss Teen Chile 2022 @sofia.pazv and Francisca Espinoza Miss Teen Mundial Chile 2022 @fraanciscatrinidad



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