Now LIVE: Miss & Teen North Dakota USA 2023 Grand Finale with 26 Contestants: Check Results

Result WINNER: Monni Nyaribo Miss North Dakota USA 2023
Morgan Schwindt Miss North Dakota Teen USA 2023

TOP 5 Miss / Runners-up

  1. Morgan Layton 1st Runner-up, Miss Minot USA
  2. Haley Helmin 2nd Runner-up, Miss Fargo USA
  3. Chelsey Faye Morlock 3rd Runner-up, Miss Dunn County USA
  4. Lauren Cannon 4th Runner-up, Miss Jamestown USA

TOP 5 Teen / Runners-up

  1. Allie Goodall 1st Runner-up, Miss Dickinson Teen USA
  2. Olivia Redding 2nd Runner-up, Miss Burlington Teen USA
  3. Devyn Bechel 3rd Runner-up, Miss Minot Teen USA
  4. Bella Ulrich 4th Runner-up, Miss Grand Forks Teen USA

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Miss North Dakota USA 2023 Prelim June 10th and Coronation June 11th at Watertown

Fri, Jun 9, 2023 Hollywood and Watertown: Belcourt’s SaNoah LaRocque is all set to crown her successor as new Miss North Dakota USA 2023 on Sunday, June 11th this weekend. Book tickets to join in-person the Preliminary Saturday, June 10, 2023 on 3:30pm CT / 2:30pm MT Here and Grand Finale on Sunday, June 11, 2023 at 12:30pm CT / 11:30am MT Here. LIVE Streams Anywhere are also available here.

Online Vote is Open for for 15 Miss Contestants and 11 Teen Contestants at URL

This year the new pageant venue Watertown Events Center in Watertown, South Dakota is hosting 27 Miss & Teen ND USA 2023 Contestants.

The Reigning SaNoah LaRocque Miss North Dakota USA 2022 will crown her successor, the winner in 15 contestants, as new Miss North Dakota USA 2023 at the end of Grand Finale in new pageant venue Watertown Events Center Heritage Theater. At the same stage The Current Teen Queen Berkley Lundeen Miss North Dakota Teen USA 2022 will hand over her crown to the winner in 11 contestants, the new Miss North Dakota Teen USA 2023.

North Dakota still has to win the Miss USA Crown since its inception in 1952. The highest placement was two times when Audra Mari and Caitlyn Vogel won 1st Runners-up at Miss USA 2014 and 2021.

There were more rankings at Miss USA Stage achieved by Miss North Dakota USA Contestants of past years. Judy Ann Slayton became 3rd runners-up at Miss USA 1966, Elizabeth Ann Jaeger 4th runners-up at Miss USA 1983) and Juliette Spier was Top 6 Miss USA 1996.

LaRocque was crowned last year on May 1, 2022. Last year the pageant venue was the Empire Arts Center in Grand Forks, North Dakota. She competed at Miss USA 2022 stage representing North Dakota but was not placed in semifinalist list.

Pageant Details Miss North Dakota USA 2023 and Miss North Dakota Teen USA 2023 June 10-11th

Online Vote for 15 Miss Contestants and 11 Teen Contestants URL

Prelims Webcast Saturday, June 10, 2023 @ 3:30pm CT / 2:30pm MT Price $19.99 to watch

Pageant Finals Webcast Sunday, June 11, 2023 @ 12:30pm CT / 11:30am MT Price $19.99 to watch Stream LIVE URL

Tickets: Saturday Prelim at $29 $39 and $49.00 at URL

Sunday Final & Coronation Prices Ticket Price $29 $39 and $49.00 at URL

Check The LIST of 15 Miss North Dakota USA 2023

  1. Alaysia Nelson Miss West Fargo USA
  2. Brenna Jessen Miss Bismarck USA
  3. Chelsey Faye Morlock Miss Dunn County USA
  4. Claire Vetter Miss Burleigh County USA
  5. Haley Helmin Miss Fargo USA
  6. Hannah Fahnbulleh Miss Cass County USA
  7. Hannah Hofstad Horace USA
  8. Lauren Cannon Miss Jamestown USA
  9. Mariah Pollard Miss Southern North Dakota USA
  10. Monni Nyaribo Miss Badlands USA
  11. Morgan Layton Miss Minot USA
  12. Paige Hoffarth Miss Nelson County USA
  13. Sydney Black Miss Grand Forks USA
  14. Syria Gonzalez Miss Prairie Rose USA
  15. Madysen Nordstrom Miss Pembina County USA

Monni Nyaribo Miss Badlands USA 2023 has posted quite detailed and touchy CONTESTANT'S STATEMENT Read Here: "ITS GAME DAY BABY: Tomorrow I have the honor of competing for the job of Miss North Dakota 2023!!! This journey has been nothing but a blessing and I am grateful for how much I have grown mentally, emotionally, and physically."

"My foundation and social impact initiative, FIND YOUR MATCH: eliminating hustle culture and burnout prevention was cultivated from my own life altering experience with burnout in my 20s and how I viewed it not as a obstacle, but fuel to my fire."

"In addition, I choose to rock the natural kink curly Afro to symbolize how black women’s hair is not only beautiful, but it represents triumph in the face of adversity"

"I am a proud Kenyan American, 1st generation, black women and I hope any little black girl watching knows that they are worthy of love. They are worthy to be successful. And that their rich melanin skin and their crown of curls a top their IS BEAUTIFUL"

Check The LIST of 11 Miss North Dakota USA 2023

  1. Alexzandria Garcia Miss Mckenzie County Teen USA
  2. Allie Goodall Miss Dickinson Teen USA
  3. Avery DeMarce Miss Fort Totten Teen USA
  4. Bella Ulrich Miss Grand Forks Teen USA
  5. Devyn Bechel Miss Minot Teen USA
  6. Faith Tjelta Miss Sheyenne Teen USA
  7. Laylonee Perez Miss Turtle Mountains Teen USA
  8. Madisyn Olson Miss West Fargo Teen USA
  9. Morgan Schwindt Miss Fargo Teen USA
  10. Olivia Redding Miss Burlington Teen USA
  11. lynnsie pack Miss Mandan Teen USA


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