Nominzul Zandangiin is CROWNED Miss Universe Mongolia 2023 but now named Miss Universe Mongolia 2024

This news is updated with announcement of Namuunzul Batmagnai Miss Universe Mongolia 2023

Tue, Oct 10, 2023: The Contestant Number 6, Nominzul Zandangiin (Зандангийн НОМИНЗУЛ) has won over TOP 9 Contestants at the end of Grand Finale in the pageant venue Zaisan Hill Complex, Ulaanbaatar today on Tuesday, October 10, 2023 which started at 20:30pm on LIVE Broadcast C1 TV. She succeeded Gunzaya Bat-Erdene Miss Universe Mongolia 2019.

Zandangiin updates as Mino Nominzul at @_nominzul.z

Initially 21 Contestants joined the race for Miss Universe Mongolia Crown but in Final Competition only 17 Delegates participated.

Miss Universe Mongolia Pageant has return after 4 years. The last election has winner Gunzaya Bat-Erdene Miss Universe Mongolia 2019, Tugsuu Idersaikhan 1ST Runner-up and Duurenjargal Gantsetseg 2ND Runner-up.

The First Ever Miss Universe Mongolia was Dolgion Delgerjav Miss Universe Mongolia 2018 with Battsetseg Turbat 1ST Runner-up and Dolgoon Gerelul 2ND Runner-up.

Get to know Nominzul Zandangiin and why will she go for Miss Universe 2024

Thursday, October 19, 2023: Today Nominzul Zandangiin Miss Universe Mongolia 2023 announced "the  Next year I will represent my country and participate in the "Miss universe" contest, so I hope you understand correctly, Good luck to the Miss universe representing this year," along with the official statement issued by "MISS UNIVERSE MONGOLIA 2023" CONTEST ORGANIZATION TEAM as given here:

Newly named Nominzul Zandangiin Miss Universe Mongolia 2023 will represent her country with the national flag at upcoming The 73RD Miss Universe 2023 where the reigning Miss Universe 2023will crown her successor at the end of Grand Finale.

New Queen Nominzul Zandangiin Miss Universe Mongolia 2023 is the 2ND Entry to Class of Miss Universe 2024 and The Second Mongolian Beauty Queen in the era of Dr. Anne JKN.

Winner's Statement

Create an amazing story of your life on this day. I am an ordinary child of a herdsman's family, experiencing the life of the countryside and growing up doing hard work in the cold, the cold, the heat, and the hardships. Modeling the right relationship attitude has had a great impact on creating me today.

Even though Mongolia is not a highly developed country, it is the biggest opportunity in the world to be promoted in connection with the reform, which has surprised the world with its great history.

In this competition, I will not only win myself, but also realize that I have a very responsible role to make the name of Mongolia resonate in the world, and I will try to do better than my abilities. Everyone has a chance, if we use it effectively, the world is open.

I am very happy to be a part of the team of @andra_academy, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary by giving hope to everyone. Such a wonderful competition was successfully organized in the country
A big thank you to @officialmissuniversemongolia team and general organizer @oyungerelmash

The LIST of 17 Miss Mongolia 2023 Contestants

  1. Baasandorjin Byambalkhagva - Баасандоржийн Бямбалхагва), Age 20
  2. Altangereliin Asral - Алтангэрэлийн Асрал), Age 18
  3. Dagvadorjiin Delgermaa - Дагвадоржийн Дэлгэрмаа), Age 26
  4. Batbaataryn Khishigjargal - Батбаатарын Хишигжаргал), Age 19
  5. Nasanjargalyn Misheel - Насанжаргалын Мишээл), Age 23
  6. Zandangiin Nominzul - Зандангийн Номинзул), Age 18
  7. Sodnomdorjiin Dulmaa - Содномдоржийн Дулмаа), Age 28
  8. Amarbayaryn Azjargal - Амарбаярын Азжаргал), Age 21
  9. Batmagnain Namuunzul - Батмагнайн Намуунзул), Age 23
  10. Myeiraibyekiin Akhjarkhyn - Мэйираибэкиин Ахжархын), Age 24
  11. Natsagdorjiin Tungalagnyam - Нацагдоржийн Тунгалагням), Age 23
  12. Ochirbatyn Tergel - Очирбатын Тэргэл), Age 21
  13. Tegshbayaryn Uranzuu - Тэгшбаярын Уранзуу), Age 24
  14. Shinedelgeriin Bayartsengel - Шинэдэлгэрийн Баярцэнгэл), Age 23
  15. Monkhzulyn Dashbaljid - Мөнхзулын Дашбалжид), Age 26
  16. Berkheegiin Tsolmon - Бэрхээгийн Цолмон), Age 23
  17. Jambalsurengiin Lkhagvasuren - Жамбалсүрэнгийн Лхагвасүрэн), Age 26


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