No Age Limit Era Commences at Miss Universe 2024 Onwards: ABOLISHED Upper Age Limit

Anyone Above 18 Can Become Miss Universe

Miss Universe R’Bonney Gabriel Tells WWD at Tanner Fletcher Beauty Pageant Spring / Summer 2024 Collection today

What Gabriel answered to the top 5 question, is now the New Age Miss Universe Anthem!!!

Tue, Sep 12, 2023: Today at Miss Universe Organization + Tanner Fletcher new extravaganza code named Beauty Pageant SSC 24 @ NYFW the Miss Universe R’Bonney Gabriel most shocking and very lovely revelation that "The Miss Universe beauty pageant since 1952, has now eliminated age limits for delegates over 18 years old (effecting 2024 onwards)." It clearly removes the age barrier 28 year allowing 18+ women of any age to compete at Miss Universe, the most glamorous one in its genre.

The official confirmation and detailed rule to apply for Miss Universe 2024 are yet to to come out.

The Age Saga first echoed at Miss Universe Stage when Gabriel answered "‘what's
another change you'd like to see and why", Recall and Relive the moment here

Read The Full Question Shoot at Miss USA by The Judge Mara Martin - Miss Universe recently made an inclusive change allowing mothers and married women to compete this year what's another change you'd like to see and why?

Gabriel answered promptly - For me I would like to see an age increase because I am 28 years old and that is the oldest age to compete and I think it's a beautiful thing. My favorite quote is if not now then when because as a woman I believe age does not define us. it's not tomorrow, it's not yesterday, but it's now, the time is now, that you can go after what you want.

This iconic answer is now the New Age Miss Universe Anthem!!!


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