Nagoya living, Ukraine Born Carolina Shiino is the 56TH Miss Japan Grandprix 2024 winner

Miss Japan Contest Committee, Led by Chairwoman, Ai Wada has organized the 56TH Miss Japan Grandprix 2024 with a global Streaming on Sunday, January 21st, 2024, available to watch here

Result Winners: Carolina Shiino, Miss Japan Grand Prix 2024


  • Minami Yasui - Miss Japan “Water Angel”
  • Kirari Ando, Miss Japan Green Ambassador/ Miss Japan Miss Kimono
  • Kana Arima, Miss Japan “Marine Day”
  • Ayaka Ishimura, Second Miss Japan (1st Runner-up)

Carolina Shiino, 26, 172cm tall, is a model. Her hobbies are walking, yoga and mountain climbing. She is expert in cat walk and posing. She hopes for the future to become a dignified woman who values ​​the spirit of harmony. She succeeded Misaki Emura, the Miss Japan Grand Prix 2023 winner.

As per official Shiino is from Aichi prefecture but Internet is filed on news / blogs / comments about her race mentioning her as Ukraine born

The grand prize winner, Carolina Shiino will be involved in official events and charity activities for one year as a representative woman of Japan.

Shiino says "I am a naturalized Japanese with roots in Ukraine. Although she may look like a foreigner on the outside, she is actually Japanese because she grew up in Japan since she was 5 years old. Because of this gap, I struggled with my own identity, but I found work as a model and was able to embrace my individuality."

She furrther adds "We are engaged in social networking services and volunteer activities to support people who have various gaps and concerns in today's diverse society. Through my Miss Japan activities, I want to reach even more people with my voice."

Miss Japan Association run pageant The Miss Japan contest began in 1950. The first Miss Japan Contest Grand Prix winner was Fujiko Yamamoto was hailed as the epitome of beauty in the Showa era.

Beauty is not only about physical appearance, but also a wide range of aspects of humanity, such as mental attitude and sociability.

Ai Wada says "In a time when female success is considered normal, how should a woman live? Society still has many issues that must be addressed, as represented by SDGs, and it is said a female perspective would help bring positive change."


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