Mrs Universe South Africa 2024 Final on March 15th in The Lyric Gold Reef City Theatre

Friday, March 16, 2024: The Grand Finale & Coronation of Mrs Universe South Africa 2024 happening today at the pageant venue Lyric Theatre in Gold Reef City Casino located at Corner Of Northern Parkway &, Data Cres, Ormonde, Johannesburg South, South Africa starting at 7pm on Friday, March 15, 2024 and door opening at 6pm. Online Ticket Booking can be made at for VIP Seating R 1,050.00 and Reserved Seating R 800.00 with drinks and snacks included.

Who will be successor of Mrs Universe South Africa 2023, Veronika Pillay?

The entertainment performance by AFRICA SOUL, the A new group for a new decade, is a special attraction at the Mrs Universe South Africa 2024 Grand Finale which was founded in January 2021. It is a first for South Africa. Their music is pure soul and blues, taking songs from the 1950’s/1960’s era of Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding and other music icons and giving those ‘old’ classics a ‘young’ rebirth. The group is made up of two Soweto Gospel Choir members, some ladies from African Mamas and a few professional singers who have been active in the entertainment industry for many years.

The Judges

Nesisa Moyo, Mrs Universe Africa 2019 who is Masters in Nursing Education and has Founded MIGETHAN PAGEANTS & African Child Alive. She extended "All the best to all our finalists."

Cindy Strydom, Cinnedene Makeup & Aesthetics @ is Styling Specialist at Mrs Universe South Africa pageant.

Heidi Mollentze, Award Winning Actress, Bilingual Voice Artist, Motivational Speaker, Top Communication Skills Coach, Top NLP Coach and Top Menopause Coach who said "Get Those Score Cards Out! Being on the judges panel for the final rounds of Mrs Universe South Africa is a huge privilege... and a tough job!"

Melanie Wright, Mrs. Universe South Africa 2018, Inspirational speaker, Life coach & NLP, Published Autobiography: Carry Me Home

The Sashing Ceremony

Saturday October 28, 2023: The Protea by Marriott Hotel Johannesburg Balalaika Sandton Hotel hosted the sashing ceremony of Top 10 Finalists. The special award winners announced as given below.

Results: Winner: Monique Weyers, Mrs Universe South Africa 2024

  1. 1st Runner-Up:  Chantell Davis

  2. 2nd Runner-Up, Makgoboketsa Kgatle

Special Awards

  • Charity Award: Basha Tlhapane
  • Mrs Influencer Award: Makgoboketsa Kgatle
  • Best in Modelling: Mariska van Blerk
  • Best in Interview: Chantell Davis
  • Social Media Award: Monique Weyers
  • Public Choice Award: Tersia van Gerve

The LIST of Contestants / Top 10 Finalist

1. Adele Fourie, @adelev13

From Table View, she is a 44 year old mother and wife of 23 years with two young boys. She is a firm believer that home and family are the foundation of a successful life and career. 
Basha is a professional nurse who prides herself on bringing affordable, quality healthcare to those in need. She started her own practice to fulfil that passion and founded a CSI organisation focusing on children’s health and welfare.
She is also an advocate of female empowerment, eradicating gender-based violence, and acquiring education, which she champions for all through her organisation, The Legacy Program for Girls. Basha leads by example, as she is currently working towards obtaining her psychology degree to further champion holistic health in her professional and philanthropic platforms.

2. Basha Tlhapane, @mrsbashat

3. Chantell Davis, @chantellwdavis

4. Kelebogile Mongana, @kelebogile_mongana

5. Lizzy Molelekoa, @lizzy_molelekoa

6. Makgoboketsa Kgatle, @makgoboketsamrsuniversefinalis

Kgatle from Centurion, is a 46 year old wife and a mother of three who is on fire for Jesus. she is a consultant in a Medical Aid industry and a post graduate Labour Relations Management student. 
She is a firm believer in the God of second chances, hence her advocacy for substance abuse and mental health. She believes no child wakes up and chooses to be an addict, nor does any parent raise an addict.
Makgoboketsa has chosen not to allow drugs to populate the grave with young talent and has partnered with the foundation that is rehabilitating the youth to strive for a drug-free society.

7. Mariska van Blerk, @wellnesswithmariska

8. Monique Weyers, @monique_weyers17

9. Samantha Edwards, @samantha_edwards_official

10. Tersia van Gerve, @tersiavg

Tersia, from Krugersdorp, is 32 years old and married with two daughters. As a role model to her daughters, she wants to instill these three things into their lives. 
Confidence to always know their self-worth, strength to always chase their dreams, and the ability to know how deeply loved they are. Family and friends are important to her.
Tersia is a special needs teacher. Her dream is to be a representative for these children in a world that does not fully comprehend them. She wants to put the focus on their abilities and not their disabilities. 
Her motto is: bloom in your beauty.

The LIST of Semi-finalists Contestants

  1. Adelaide Maleka
  2. Horentia Cornelissen
  3. Junola Munsami
  4. Sthembile Kouabenan
  5. Nonto Zulu
  6. Nondumiso Pooe
  7. Yvonne Kleingeld
  8. Anela Vuso
  9. Tshegofatso Seitlhamo
  10. Ntsakisi Khosa
  11. Kelebogile Tshesebe
  12. Tina Linder
  13. Jowie Mahlaule
  14. Danee Jacobs

Call for Aspiring Candidates

The Mrs Universe South Africa pageant is open to married, divorced and widowed women between the ages of 22-55 years. The online application available at the official website Thr Intake Rounds are given below

  • Second Round Intake for Mrs Universe South Africa 2024: Entries Closing on Tuesday, Tuesday, August 1st, 2023
  • First Round Intake Deadline Friday, June 30, 2023


  • Cindy Strydom, Aesthetic & Styling Specialist for the 2024 pageant
  • Petece Swart a Mentor for the 2024 pageant who was the 3rd Runner-Up in the Mrs Universe South Africa 2023
  • Denne Henning a Mentor for the 2024 pageant, the Top 9 Finalists for Mrs Universe South Africa 2023
  • Janike Tait a Mentor for the 2024 pageant, the 1st Runner-Up in the Mrs Universe South Africa 2023
  • Xoliso Mgwevu a Mentor for the 2024 pageant, the Top 9 Finalists for Mrs Universe South Africa 2023
  • Uyleta Nel-Marais an International Pageant Mentor for the 2024 pageant, an attorney by profession and a director at her law firm, Lovius Block in Bloemfontein, Mrs Universe South Africa 2022 and the Top 25 at the 45th Mrs Universe pageant
  • Nesisa Moyo, International Pageant Mento Mrs Universe Africa 2019 and represented the African Continent at Mrs Universe in China in Dec 2019, the owner and director of Migethan Pageants
  • Nazia Wadee, Pageantry Specialist for the 2024 pageant,the Miss Teen Commonwealth South Africa title in 2016 and Miss Earth South Africa in 2019, competed at Miss Earth 2019


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