Monique Weyers was crowned Mrs Universe South Africa 2024

South Africa Representative to Mrs Universe 2024 Elected

Fri, Mar 16, 2024: The Reigning Queen Mrs Universe South Africa 2023, Veronika Pillay has just crowned her successor at the end of The Grand Finale & Coronation after her last walk. The new queen Monique Weyers, Mrs Universe South Africa 2024 which received her crown today on Friday, March 15, 2024 at the pageant venue Lyric Theatre in Gold Reef City Casino located at Corner Of Northern Parkway &, Data Cres, Ormonde, Johannesburg South, South Africa.

Newly crowned queen Mrs Universe South Africa 2024, Monique Weyers will represent at the Mrs Universe 2024 pageant scheduled October 2nd-10th at Incheon in South Korea where Meranie Gadiana Rahman, Mrs Universe 2023 will crown her successor on conclusion of final competition.

The court of new queen Monique Weyers has two runners up, Chantell Davis, 1st Runner -Up and Makgoboketsa Kgatle, 2nd Runner-Up.

The winner Weyers will represent South Africa at the Mrs Universe 2024 and the 1st & 2nd Princesses will be competing at other esteemed international pageants.

This year MRS Universe 2024 pageant is scheduled at Incheon in the host country South Korea during pageant period October 2nd-10th, 2024.

Monique Weyers, @monique_weyers17, from Pretoria, is a 36 year old aviator and wife. She holds a student pilot licence and is working towards her private pilot licence. She wants to use her platform to forge the path ahead for women and young girls in the aviation industry.

Through her initiative #bornwithpurpose, she supports babies and children who were born in difficult circumstances. Her impact extends beyond material support, spreading love and kindness and offering them her time, affection, and attention.

Monique is a proud TEARS Foundation Brand Ambassador and will continue to stand up and be a voice for GBV, Domestic Violence, Abuse and Rape survivors.

Chantell Davis, @chantellwdavis, from Somerset West, is a 38 year old devoted wife and mother of four. She leads alongside her husband Kevin at Dominion Church in Somerset West. Together, they form a dynamic duo, determined to impact this generation. 
As a prolific author of the bestselling book "Royal Comeback," Chantell steers individuals towards the discovery of their unique purpose. Chantell actively combats gender-based violence through #RespectHER, a cause that centres on nurturing young men who honour and respect women, contributing to a culture of equality, honour, and respect.
She is guided by the motto, "Action is the antidote to despair." 

Makgoboketsa Kgatle, @makgoboketsamrsuniversefinalis, rom Centurion, is a 46 year old wife and a mother of three who is on fire for Jesus. she is a consultant in a Medical Aid industry and a post graduate Labour Relations Management student. 
She is a firm believer in the God of second chances, hence her advocacy for substance abuse and mental health. She believes no child wakes up and chooses to be an addict, nor does any parent raise an addict.
Makgoboketsa has chosen not to allow drugs to populate the grave with young talent and has partnered with the foundation that is rehabilitating the youth to strive for a drug-free society.


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