Miss World Cayman Islands 2022, Leanni Tibbetts will represents at Miss World in 2024

First Officer Pilot for Cayman Airways, Leanni Tibbetts will compete in India and Final at Jio World Convention Centre in Mumbai on March 9th

Leanni Tibbetts, 27, 162cm tall is currently working as a First Officer Pilot for Cayman Airways after completing her Degree in Aviation.

She is also a Sub Lieutenant with the Cayman Islands Cadet Corps and has future ambitions to be a Member of Parliament.

Tibbetts says "I am a very passionate individual which drives my advocacy and dedication to service. My life and accomplishments are inspirational to many, especially the youth and women of my country.’ Among her interests are scuba diving, free diving and jet skiing."

Leanni Tibbetts takes flight to Miami from Owen Roberts International Airport

Friday, February 16, 2024:  Tibbetts departed the Cayman Islands this morning, to Miami, the first connection on her journey to India for the 71st Miss World festival. Miss World Cayman Organization has released on social media "Thank you to everyone for their well wishes and heartfelt messages. We know Leanni appreciates the support and so does the Miss World Cayman Islands Committee."

Tibbetts's parents, siblings and niece accompanied her to Miami. MWCI Committee member, Nicosia Lawson, Miss Cayman Islands 2008-2010, colleagues at Cayman Airways, including Mr Jaison Whittaker and supporters escorted through departure and on to the tarmac.

Rashana Hydes CROWNS Leanni Tibbetts Miss World Cayman Islands 2022

Leanni Tibbetts Miss World Cayman Islands 2022 will represent her nation Cayman Islands in the upcoming Miss World 2023 Pageant. Leanni Tibbetts is a pilot, Sub Lieutenant Cayman Islands Cadet Corps and works at Protect Our Future Environmental Conservation Organization @ www.pofcaribbean.org. She is Degree Holder of B.S. Aviation Management w/ Flight.

Contestant #1 - Leanni Tibbetts, 25, hails from George Town.  Leanni is a Pilot / Coast Guard. She would like to represent women who are different and break the status quo. If crowned MWCI, she would like use her platform to dedicate her focus on environmental initiatives. She lives by the saying “Be the change”. 
Leanni would like to see more women on the 'world' stage who do not fit the stereotypical definition of femininity.

Get to know @leannitibbetts, contestant no.1 in the Miss World Cayman Islands pageant.

2021 Miss World Cayman Islands Rashana Hydes has just crowned her successor, the winner Leanni Tibbetts Miss World Cayman Islands 2022 today on Saturday, September 24, 2022 at the end of Grand Finale at Harquail Theatre,


Check The 6 Contestants Vying for Miss World Cayman Islands 2022 Crown

Leanni Tibbetts @leannitibbetts
Melissa Bridgemohan @melissabridgemohan_
Latoya Jackson @the.latoya.jackson
Deverlee Ramos Bodden @deverleeramos
Angelique Copeland @angeliquecopeland_,



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