Miss World Bolivia Fernanda Rivero Ready To Compete at The 11th Miss World in India

Fernanda Rivero has a Degree in International Trade and works as a model as well as in a Pathological Waste Company. She enjoys Bolivian folk dancing and running. During her year as Miss Bolivia, she has worked for a charity caring for people diagnosed with cancer.

She tells "I am very passionate, kind, persevering and an empathetic woman with big wishes and dreams to fulfil. I love dancing as well as being able to be that friend who you can trust in difficult times and you know will be there unconditionally."

Working as Model and in Pathological Waste Company Fernanda Rivero Miss Bolivia World, 24, 169cm tall, knows Spanish, English and Bolivian Sign Language.

Fernanda Rivero was elected Miss World Bolivia 2021 as Beni representative on Saturday August 28, 2021 which seen live on Red UNO. She became winner in total 25 contestants.

She reacted on her crowning “First of all, thanks to God and to all my beautiful country for giving me this great opportunity to be able to call me Bolivia in the Miss World Pageant.”

Images: Official Social Media - Facebook.com/PromocionesGloria


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