Miss World Bangladesh, Shammi Nila in Miss World 2024 Competition Mode

Nila to present her best at Miss World Stage at Jio World Convention Centre, Mumbai, India on Saturday, March 9, 2024

Miss World Bangladesh, Shammi Nila is currently working as a Brand Ambassador, model fashion and lifestyle vlogger . Her proudest moment was when she paid for her father’s medical expenses. She is an Internet Star with 117K Instagram followers and 650K Tiktok Followers. She speajs Bangla, Hindi, English and Urdu.

Shammi Nila, 24, 161cm tall, will represent Bangladesh in the 71st Miss World 2024 in India as the 10th Miss World Contestants from her country.

She tells about herself as "I am kind hearted and humble.’ ‘I come from a country where people are helpful, good hearted and full of love with cultural diversity.’

She has future ambitions to become a role model for positivity, kindness and humbleness.’ Her favorite film is ‘Zindegi na Mile Dubara and she enjoys dancing and painting.

Miss World Bangladesh on Social Front

The NWAP, Beauty With A Purpose Driven Miss World Contestant, Shammi Nila says "Always wanted to help people from the bottom of my heart, and I don’t like to show it off but as now my voice matters, thanks to my friend who captured this candid moment where i was in my subconscious mind and now I’m being able to post a little bit of my feelings here , all i want to give my life selflessly for people who are in need. It can be financial, emotional or mental help. I just want to stand by the sick, disadvantaged and underprivileged people. Please keep me in your prayers so that i can do something good and bring some strong changes in the world and in my country 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩 
Bringing Love to the Streets, One Child at a Time."

Miss World Bangladesh 2023, Shammi Nila was crowned on January 27th, 2024

Miss World Bangladesh 2023 winner is Shammi Islam Nila, 1st Runner-Up Aklima Atika Konika and Second Runner-Up Shakira Tamanna 

The Miss World Bangladesh 2023 Pageant was held on Saturday, January 27th, 2024 where at the end of finals Shammi Nila emerged winner in 10 Contestants and crowned Miss World Bangladesh 2023 on LIVE broadcasted at Asian Television Network.

Top 10 Miss World Bangladesh

  1. Shammi Islam Nila
  2. Aklima Akter Konika
  3. Shakira Tamanna
  4. Mehran Jannat
  5. Mubashshira Kamal
  6. Neelanjana Rahman
  7. Rubaiya Chowdhury Binti
  8. Sabrina Asmin Disha
  9. Zabiba Sazzad
  10. Fariha Tasnim Hridi

Contestant's Statement as Top 10 Miss World Bangladesh

Nila shared on winning Top 10 placement as Miss World Bangladesh 2023 Pageant "What a journey!!! Had an amazing experience of my life. Today is the day where I always wanted to see myself and my supporters pushed me so much i made it to Top 10. I hope with all of your blessings , prayers, vote’s, Dua’s I’ll be able to bring the crown for all of you and for those people who wanted to see my here! My supporters/ my strength! Made amazing friends here! Wish all of us best of luck! And may the best one wins tonight."


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