The 15 Contestants Vying Miss Universe Croatia 2024 Crown, Final on May 6th Live at Jutarnji

Who will be the successor of the reigning queen Andrea Erjavec, Miss Universe Croatia 2023?

Watch Live The Crowning of New Miss Universe Croatia 2024 Live @ Jutarnji List on May 6th

Miss Universe Croatia 2024 Pageant and Results Here

Wednesday, May 1, 2024: As revealed by The Miss Universe Croatia Organization on Thursday, April 25th, The Ultimate Free Video Streaming Service Youtube to present The Live Stream of Grand Finale & Coronation Show on Monday, May 6th, 2024 starting 8PM GMT+2 from  the Emerald Ballroom of the Esplanade Zagreb Hotel, The 5-star hotel in Zagreb, Croatia.

The Reign of Andrea Erjavec Ends on May 6th Night
As Seen in Latest Photoshoot by Emanuell Mancy
Makeup by Maja Zatezalo & Hair by Studio Marcela

The Full Competition & Crowning of Miss Universe Croatia 2024 available to watch right here:

Results: Winner: Zrinka Ćorić, Miss Universe Croatia 2024

  1. 1ST Runner-up: Marta Leković
  2. 2ND Runner-up: Lana Vuković
  3. 3RD Runner-up: Claudia Mihoković
  4. 4TH runner-up: Sofya Kotava

Special Prizes

  1. Miss Cuteness (Simpatičnosti): Lana Vuković

Top 10

  1. Sara Antić
  2. Dajana Barišić
  3. Lorena Čačija
  4. Anastasija Ičević
  5. Matea Ilić

Check The List of Contestants Vying Miss Universe Croatia 2024 Crown

On April 2nd The Contestants are revealed with headshots at Instagram Social Media
Swimsuit Images posted on April 19th
Name , Insta Handle - Place
  1. Ana Marjolović, @anamarjolovic, from Zagreb
  2. Anastasia Ičević, @anastasiaicevic, from Vukovar
  3. Arijana Martinović, @4arijana8, from Vinkovci
  4. Claudia Mihoković, @claudia_mihokovic, from Garešnica
  5. Dajana Barišić, @dajana_barisic_, from Gradište
  6. Hannah Anastasia Bičanić, @hannah.anastasiaa, from Zagreb
  7. Lana Vuković, @lanaa_vukovic, from Split
  8. Laura Aleksa, @laura_aleksa, from Đakovo
  9. Lorena Čačija, @lorena.cacija, from Rijeka
  10. Marta Leković, @marta_lekovic, from Jezera
  11. Matea Ilić, @matea_ilic_, from Podgrađe
  12. Sara Antić, @s_antic2024, from Zagreb
  13. Sofya Kotava, @kotavaaa, from Rijeka
  14. Vlatka Pačarić, @vlatkapacaric, from Slatina
  15. Zrinka Ćorić, @zrinkacoric, from Dubrovnik

Miss Universe Croatia 2024 Coronation Date Revealed

Wednesday, March 20, 2024: The Miss Universe Croatia Organization ( released an announcement revealing "the date of final Miss Universe Croatia 2024 competition: on May 6th, Andrea Erjavec @andrea_erjavec, Miss Universe Croatia 2023 will crown her successor at magnificent Emerald Ballroom of iconic Esplanade Zagreb Hote @esplanadezagreb with live streaming on Jutarnji List, the Croatian New Paper.

Image Credit / Social Media: | | @andrea_erjavec | Website


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