The 73rd Miss Universe China 2024 Pageant Season Launched with Anne Jakrajutatip and Sheynnis Palacios in Shanghai

This year The Miss Universe China Competition Organizing Committee will elect The Successor of QI Jia (Jiaqi) to Represent at The 74TH Miss Universe 2025 Pageant

Jia didn't competed at The Miss Universe 2023 and Choose to Join The 73RD Miss Universe 2024 in Mexico

Check Here Miss Universe China 2024 Pageant from Contestants Selection to Results

The Announcement of The 73RD Miss Universe China 2024 with

Tuesday, April 16, 2024: The press conference announcing the opening of the 73RD MISS UNIVERSE CHINA championship was held successfully today with Miss Universe 2023, Sheynnis Palacios @sheynnispalacios_of and Co-owner Anne Jakrajutatip @annejkn.official in Shanghai starting 3:30pm.

The organization said "We would also like to announce that officially after a tough decision our queen Jia Qi @jiaqi_181 (71st Miss Universe China) will represent our motherland at this year’s Miss Universe to be held in Mexico at the end of this year. The decision was made since at first, our 72nd Miss Universe China winner which will be crowned later this year was the speculated contestant to compete in Mexico and represent China, so a decision between the two titleholders was made at last. The 73rd Miss Universe China winner will indeed compete in 2025 making her the first contestant for that year."

The hashtags to support the 2024 Miss Universe China Charming Tour are #SheynnisInChina #MissUniverseInChina as appealed by the organization "to get featured and interact!"

Although there are many Insta Handles for past pageant but The New Official Social Media Handle is which has updates for 2024 Pageant Season.


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