Miss Teen USA 2023 Final Date is Sep 28th, Here are 51 Contestants Vying The National Crown

This Year Miss Teen USA shares The Date with Miss USA at the same stage in Reno, Nevada

Many Contestants initially posted Miss Teen USA 2023 Final Date as Sep 29th (and Even the official release also mentioned it) but it is actually Miss Teen USA Final Competition Date is Thursday, September 28th, 2023 starting at 7:00 PM in the pageant venue Grand Sierra Resort and Casino, Reno, NV

Tue, Aug 22, 2023: The First Miss Teen USA Pageant in ownership of Anne Jakrajutatip of JKN Group, The 41ST Miss teen USA 2023 final competition will be held on Thursday, September 28th, 2023 in the pageant venue the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada where The Reigning Teen Queen, Nebraska’s Faron Medhi, Miss Teen USA 2023 will have her last walk and crown her successor. This date is also have new Miss USA Crowning at the same stage.

The Tickets can be booked online here Ticketmaster.com. The Miss Teen USA National Costume Show will be held on Wednesday, September 27th 2023.

The Miss Teen USA Preliminary Competition Date is Thursday, September 28th, 2023.

The Miss Teen USA Grand Finale and Coronation will happen on Friday, September 29th, 2023.

This Year Miss Teen USA Top 20 List will be announced, last year it was To 16.

Miss New York Teen USA 2023, Stephanie Skinner expresses her readiness and gratitude "Reno, the Empire State queens are READY for you! In one month, all Miss Teen USA (and Miss USA) delegates will be arriving at the beautiful @grandsierra for a week truly like no other! I am feeling over the moon to have this opportunity and experience. Thank you to the entire staff and production team for pouring so much time, energy, and love into Nationals!! The countdown is on"

The Producers of the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA events in Maine and Massachusetts said in social media release “IT’S OFFICIAL The Miss USA & Miss Teen USA 2023 competitions will be held in Reno, Tahoe Grand Sierra Resort on September 29th, Mark your calendars and follow along for all the excitement and behind the scenes!”

RPM Productions, Inc. also shared "Mark your calendars! The Miss Teen USA pageant is returning to Reno on September 29."

Miss Georgia Teen USA 2023, Denim Lovett has told her feelings "Exactly one more month until Miss Teen USA and I couldn’t be more excited and grateful! Georgia, let’s do this."

The current title holder Medhi was crowned Miss Teen USA 2022 on Saturday October 1, 2022 at the same pageant venue while Miss USA 2022 was held on Monday, October 3rd.

Miss Rhode Island USA 2023, Mary Malloy commented "Eight years ago today I competed at Miss Teen USA. Today, I found out the dates of Miss USA. I am blessed to wear “Rhode Island” across my chest for the second time"

Here goes The LIST of 51 Miss Teen USA 2023 Contestants

  1. Miss Alabama Teen USA 2023, Kensey Collins
  2. Miss Alaska Teen USA 2023, Star Hunter
  3. Miss Arizona Teen USA 2023, Peyton Stuewe
  4. Miss Arkansas Teen USA 2023, Mackenzie Scott
  5. Miss California Teen USA 2023, Taliya Peiris
  6. Miss Colorado Teen USA 2023, Grace Covney
  7. Miss Connecticut Teen USA 2023, Jade Ferdinand
  8. Miss Delaware Teen USA 2023, Molly Lavelle
  9. Miss District of Columbia Teen USA 2023, Asia Chisley
  10. Miss Florida Teen USA 2023, Sharlysse Nelson
  11. Miss Georgia Teen USA 2023, Denim Lovett
  12. Miss Hawaii Teen USA 2023, Noelani DeNisi
  13. Miss Idaho Teen USA 2023, Angelina Ryan
  14. Miss Illinois Teen USA 2023, Vivica Lewandowski
  15. Miss Indiana Teen USA 2023, Kinley Shoemaker
  16. Miss Iowa Teen USA 2023, Madeline Erickson
  17. Miss Kansas Teen USA 2023, Riley Steinman
  18. Miss Kentucky Teen USA 2023, MèShyia Bradshaw
  19. Miss Louisiana Teen USA 2023, Averi Blyss Crawford
  20. Miss Maine Teen USA 2023, Jasmine Roy
  21. Miss Maryland Teen USA 2023, Madelyn Posey
  22. Miss Massachusetts Teen USA 2023, Yanelyn Quintana
  23. Miss Michigan Teen USA 2023, Avery Hill
  24. Miss Minnesota Teen USA 2023, Mikhala Rivers
  25. Miss Mississippi Teen USA 2023, Claire Ulmer
  26. Miss Missouri Teen USA 2023, Madison Beck
  27. Miss Montana Teen USA 2023, Ava Williams
  28. Miss Nebraska Teen USA 2023, Aubrie Charter
  29. Miss Nevada Teen USA 2023, Emily Cox
  30. Miss New Hampshire Teen USA 2023, Marayssa Raimondo
  31. Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2023, UmaSofia Srivastava
  32. Miss New Mexico Teen USA 2023, Asia Rose Simpson
  33. Miss New York Teen USA 2023, Stephanie Skinner
  34. Miss North Carolina Teen USA 2023, Katie Setzer
  35. Miss North Dakota Teen USA 2023, Morgan Schwindt
  36. Miss Ohio Teen USA 2023, Carolina Sola
  37. Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2023, Jaselyn Rossman
  38. Miss Oregon Teen USA 2023, Isabella Ellsworth
  39. Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA 2023, Maggie Ross
  40. Miss Rhode Island Teen USA 2023, Lola Paolissi
  41. Miss South Carolina Teen USA 2023, Kenlee McVay
  42. Miss South Dakota Teen USA 2023, Lindsey Pfingston
  43. Miss Tennessee Teen USA 2023, Blye Allen
  44. Miss Texas Teen USA 2023, Haylee Puckett
  45. Miss Utah Teen USA 2023, Jocelyn Osmond (Crowned after Anjolie Karmen Resigned as Miss Utah Teen USA 2023)
  46. Miss Vermont Teen USA 2023, Nadja Dacres
  47. Miss Virginia Teen USA 2023, Ashley Wang
  48. Miss Washington Teen USA 2023, Mackenzie Kuiken
  49. Miss West Virginia Teen USA 2023, Lakyn Campbell
  50. Miss Wisconsin Teen USA 2023, Shelby Hohneke
  51. Miss Wyoming Teen USA 2023, Victoria Salas

Image: Clemente Organization and RPM Productions, Inc.


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