Miss Supranational Romania 2024 at Info Fashion Romania Pageant on Sep 7th: Check Results

The Filon de Romania 2023 project crowns seven new queen to go International

Thu, Sep 7, 2023:  The Filon de Romania 2023 project is happening at the National Stage in Cantacuzino Castle in Bușteni, today on Thursday, September 7th 2023.

The crowing will include new Miss Supranational Romania, Miss Intercontinental Romania, The Miss Globe Romania, Miss Aura International Romania, Top Model of The World Romania at InfoFashion Romania Pageant.

The Info Fashion Romania Pageant launched Filon de Romania 2023, a new project to promote the Românesc, addressed to the young women of Romania which took place during 2023 at county, regional and national level, dedicated to the discovery of young representatives of Romania at international events.

Results: Info Fashion Romania 2023

  • Andreea Stan Miss Supranational Romania 2024@andreeakira
  • Monica Bradea Miss Intercontinental Romania 2024: @andreea._monica
  • Rebecca Voicu Miss Globe Romania 2023: @vrebeccaa
  • Rafaella Farcas Miss Aura International Romania 2024: @rafaella.farcas
  • Maria Varzaru Top Model of the World Romania 2024: @mariaav26
  • Miss InfoFasion Romania 2023-24
  • Miss Tourism World Romania 2024

The LIST of 24 Contestants

  1. Diana Scrob, @diana.scrob, Chemical Engineer, Chemistry PhD student
  2. Diana Aldea, @dianaaldea_
  3. Rafaella Farcas, @rafaella.farcas
  4. Alexandra Cazangiu, @moni.cazangiu
  5. Alexandra Dobricã, @alexandradobrica
  6. Alina Balerina aka Alina Niculescu, @alinabalerinna
  7. Andreea Stan, @andreeakira
  8. ,@giulia_madalina_128
  9. Monica Bradea, @andreea._monica
  10. ,@andreeea0313
  11. Rebecca Voicu, @vrebeccaa
  12. ,@johanna_ioaana
  13. ,@thedelliss
  14. ,@francesca_andreea
  15. ,@miriam.cosma04
  16. ,@stefaniapristavu
  17. ,@petrovan.claudia
  18. ,@dariacucuta
  19. ,@gratiradu_20
  20. Tania Cosma, @cosma_tania
  21. Mădălina Popa, @madaa.popa
  22. Pop Rebeca, @rubina.pop
  23. Mitruți Narcisa, @__.nicolaa_
  24. Maria Varzaru, @mariaav26

About: The Filon de Romania project, launched in 2023 under the auspices of InfoFashion Romania, is the search for moral, spiritual, architectural, natural, traditional beauty, left a new legacy by our ancestors, promoted and enriched by each generation, then taken over in the relay of generations, by those younger, meant to present moments of Romanian authenticity to the world.

FILON, can also represent the acronym from F (fluency) I (intelligence) L (egend) O (opportunity) N (outate), without exhausting the palette of possibilities.
Congratulations to all the competitors, thanks to the collaborators and good luck to the future representatives of Romania at international competitions!


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