Miss Norway 2023 Happening Now Aug 5th at 6pm: Check Results Here

SMS Voting with 12 Miss Norway 2023 Contestants To Support Text MISSU (Candidate No.) to 2401 (NOK 20 per mld)

Sat, Aug 5, 2023: The Miss Norway 2023 Final Gala is now happening. The Miss Norway Organization has assured "You will experience a terrific show with the finalists and former winners of Miss Norway. We promise more catwalk shows with brilliant outfits and solid entertainment from talented artists." Miss Norway Pageant is The Top in Content shared by the finalists at official website Missnorway.org. In image, The Miss Norway 2023 Contestants at Beautycamp 2023, Andrea Nesheim Farias, Joe-Ann Guron Dela Fuente, Julie Marie Tidemann, Ramona Tysse Mjelde, Benedikte Svendsen, Charlotte Marie Høivold, Madeleine Malmberg, Andrea Garcia, Emilie Natalia Svendby, Julie Marie Tollefsen, and Oda Langedal Endestad.

Result WINNER: Julie Marie Tollefsen Miss Universe Norway 2023

Tue, Jul 11, 2023 Hollywood and Oslo: The Grand Finale and Coronation Gala is scheduled on Saturday August 5th, 2023 in Oslo at DOGA: Design and architecture Norway (Official Website Doga.no)  At the end of Final Competition Miss Norway will be elected who will Miss Universe Norway 2023 along with 1st Runner-up who will be Miss International Norway 2023.

Design og arkitektur Norge (DOGA) is selected as Pageant Venue. The is Oslo based foundation run an Architecture & Design Hub for exhibitions & events in an industrial set-up with a restaurant & shop at Address: Hausmanns gate 16, 0182 Oslo, Norway. Tickets available at Deltager.no/...miss_norway... priced NOK 655 including a glass of sparkling wine.

15 Miss Norway 2023 Contestants in Crown Race, Grand Finale August 5th at DOGA, Design og arkitektur Norge Oslo

Initially 16 Miss Norway 2023 Contestants released but later Frida Vetås Færøy, 18 living in Sveio and native of Askøy was taken out from the list.

Miss Norway Organization has adopted Very Special Format to present and rank the aspiring Norwegian Beauties at the official website https://missnorway.org with tons of pictures, video and amazing bolgs directly posted by the delegates.

Tue, May 30, 2023 Hollywood: Today Official Miss Norway Organisation has revealed the headshots and Insta Handle of 16 Miss Norway 2023 Contestants who will compete at the Grand Finale during August 4-5th for Two National Crowns for Miss Universe 2023 and Miss International 2023. The Reigning Queen is Ida Anette Hauan Miss Universe Norway 2022 @idahauan and Romée R. Dahlen is her 1st Runner-up and Miss International Norway 2022 @romeedahlen. Both will crown their successors at the end of grand finale on Saturday, August 5th, 2023 in Norway.

Check The LIST of 16 Miss Norway 2023 Contestants Vying for Miss Universe Norway 2023 and Miss International Norway 2023 Crowns

  1. Amanda Arnesen, 27, Kristiansand, @amandaisabellaarnesen
  2. Andrea Garcia, 26- Kristiansand
  3. Andrea Nesheim Farias, 20, Kristiansand
  4. Benedikte Serine Svendsen, 23, Karmøy
  5. Charlotte Marie Høivold, 28, Kristiansand
  6. Dina Wilhelmsen Vabø, 19, Bergen
  7. Emilie Svendby, 20, Lillestrøm
  8. Frida Vetås Færøy, 18, Sveio
  9. Joe-Ann Guron, 18, Oslo
  10. Julie Marie Tidemann, 27, Oslo
  11. Julie Marie Tollefsen, 27, Oslo
  12. Lilly Sødal, 20, Oslo
  13. Madeleine Malmberg, 18, Fredrikstad
  14. Nora Louise Berg-Hovda, 21, Råde
  15. Oda Langedal Endestad, 27, Lillestrøm
  16. Ramona Tysse Mjelde, 24, Hamar, @ramonamjelde

Tue, Mar 24, 2023: Today Miss Norway Organization released the Semifinalists for 2023 edition saying "A record number of contestants have signed up for Miss Norway for the 2023 season. A whopping 46 percent more registered compared to the peak year 2021. A whopping 43 completed the miss school which is mandatory to progress in the competition. Now 21 athletes advance to the semi-final race based on activities in the competition and submitted photos. The list of semi-finalists appears at the bottom."

The organization elaborated on the selection process "The jury has assessed the photos submitted by the athletes and assessed the activities of each individual. This is to create an impression of whether each athlete has the potential to be a good role model, especially for girls, for the place of origin and the fact that you help others. Something we read from blogs and involvement in charitable work."

Check The LIST of 21 Semi-finalists Miss Norway 2023

  1. Ramona Tysse Mjelde, 24, Hamar, Hammerfest
  2. Oda Langedal Endestad, 27, Oslo, Florø
  3. Nora Louise Berg-Hovda, 21, Råde, Valdres
  4. Nellie Marie Hagen, 19, Bergen, Fana, Mandal
  5. Madeleine Anna Malmberg, 18, Oslo, Fredrikstad
  6. Lilly Sødal, 20, Kristiansand, Oslo
  7. Julie Tollefsen, 27 , Oslo
  8. Julie Marie Tidemann, 27 , Oslo
  9. Joohanne Elisabeth Springer, 23 , Bodø, Harstad
  10. JoeA-Ann Guron, 18, Oslo
  11. Jensine Vangberg Jensen, 19 , Lillehammer, Bodø
  12. Isabel Lundberg, 27 , Lørenskog, Lørenskog
  13. Frida Vetås Færøy, 18 , Sveio, Askøy
  14. Emilie Natalia Svendby, 20, Lillestrøm, Brummunddal/ Løten
  15. Dina Wilhelmsen Vabø, 19 , Bergen, Bergen
  16. Charlotte Marie Høivold, 28, Kristiansand
  17. Cecilie Kamilla Kristensen, 21 , Oslo, Harstad
  18. Benedikte Svendsen, 23 , Karmøy, Karmøy
  19. Andrea Vassbrekke Garcia, 26 , Oslo, Haugesund
  20. Andrea Farias, 19, Kristiansand, Kristiansand
  21. Amanda Isabella Arnesen, 27, Bø i Telemark, Kristiansand,

Miss Norway Organization publishes an interesting update on contestants activities based on Blogs Published at the official website which is updated in real time, here is the latest list as of now -> The Top List Based On The Semi-Finalists' Activity Points at www.missnorway.org, simply scroll to bottom.

One more news is there for The aspiring contestants, Registration for Miss Norway 2024 is open.

About: Miss Norway is a competition completely out of the ordinary which says “treat yourself to a completely unique experience, which will leave a mark?” and “Let your voice be heard” and invites to “Take the step towards brilliance” here https://missnorway.org/registrering.html.

Image: Official Social Media Last years Winner Miss Universe Norway Ida Anette Hauan @idahauan and 1RU/Miss International Romée Dahlen @romeedahlen


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