Miss Mississippi's Teen 2024 Pageant and Results

Mississippi to elect successor of Nataleigh Nix as Miss Mississippi’s Teen 2024 on April 21st Final

Spotfund based Online Voting will choose People's Choice Winner Top 11

The Vicksburg City Auditorium is hosting twenty one contestants competing for three day event as given below: Friday, April 19th, 2024 - Interview All Day in Two Groups
Saturday, April 20th, 2024: Prelim 1 at 2pm and Prelim 2 at 7:30pm
Final on Sunday, April 21st, 2024 at 2pm.

The In-person tickets are available at the official website Miss-mississippi.com/shop.html, Prelims for $26 and Final for $41.25.

The judges are Crissy Gray (Louisiana), Jeff Chao (Mississippi), Belinda Arender (Tennessee), Christopher Long (Texas), and Dr. Cassandra Weiss (Mississippi).

Results: Brooke Bumgarner, Miss Mississippi's Teen 2024 (Pine Belt)

The Finalists for the Teens In Action Award
  1. Mary Beth Geiser
  2. Gracie Weeden
  3. Anna Grace Terry
  4. Madalyn Sullivan
  5. Brooke Bumgarner
  6. Addison Crippen
  7. Addie Grace Clay
Prelim 2 Results
  • Evening Gown Award: Madalyn Sullivan
  • Talent Award: Miss Ana Holley New South's Teen and Avery McNair Miss Heart of the South's Teen

Prelim 1 Results
  • Evening Gown Award: Brooke Bumgarner, Miss Pine Belt's Teen
  • Talent Award: Kyla Pohlmann and Madalyn Sullivan

Check The List of 21 Contestants Vying Miss Mississippi's Teen 2024 Crown

Group A 1-11: Interview on Friday Morning, Talent Prelim 1 and Evening Wear & Fitness Prelim 2 on Saturday
Group B 12-21: Interview on Friday Afternoon, Evening Wear & Fitness Prelim 1 and Talent Prelim 2 on Saturday
People’s Choice Voting Deadline Saturday, April 20 at 9:00pm, Winner gets direct into Top 11
Vote URL Spotfund.com/teams/missmsteenpeopleschoice2024

  1. Miss Capital City's Teen, Mary Beth Geiser, Service Initiative: Check the Box-Save Lives, Talent: Dance, Ambition: Radiologist
  2. Miss Fairpark, Gracie Weeden, Service Initiative: Fireflies in the Dark, Talent: Jazz Dance, Ambition: Optometrist
  3. Miss Hattiesburg, Averi Cockrell, Service Initiative: LifeSAV'ers Schools Against Vaping, Talent: Vocal, Ambition: Nurse or Physician
  4. Miss Heart of the South's Teen, Avery McNair, Social Impact Initiative: Let's All Be Prepared: Emergency Preparedness for Kids, Talent: Piano, Ambition: Formalwear Store Owner
  5. Miss Hub City, Trinity Spencer, Service Initiative: Glowing Stars, Talent: Lyrical Dance, Ambition: Geriatric Doctor
  6. Miss Jones County, Kyla Pohlmann, Service Initiative: Dance it Out: Adolescent Mental Health Awareness, Talent: Dance, Ambition: Dance Studio Owner
  7. Miss Key to the South, Maddie Snow, Service Initiative: Pets for Vets, Talent: Tumbling/Dance, Ambition: Orthodontist
  8. Miss Lauderdale County, Rylee Hailey, Service Initiative: Dyslexia Awareness, Talent: Vocal, Ambition: Marketing
  9. Miss Madison County, Kasi Culver, Service Initiative: Check Your Neck-Raising Awareness for Thyroid Health, Talent: Vocal, Ambition: OB/GYN
  10. Miss Meridian, Anna Grace Terry, Service Initiative: Beginning with a Bag: Supporting Foster Kids, Talent: Dance, Ambition: Neurosurgeon
  11. Miss Metro Jackson, Blake Hart, Service Initiative: Ditch the Clique, Talent: Piano, Ambition: Venture Capitalist
  12. Miss Midsouth, Chloe Braxton, Service Initiative: Building Communities through Mental Health, Talent: Dance, Ambition: International Business and Cosmetology
  13. Miss Midtown, Olivia Snellings, Service Initiative: The Greatest Gift, Talent: Dance, Ambition: Sonographer
  14. Miss New South's Teen, Ana Holley, Service Initiative: Between the Lines, Talent: Vocal, Ambition: College Athletic Trainer
  15. Miss Oxford, Madalyn Sullivan, Service Initiative:, Talent: Dance, Ambition:
  16. Miss Pearl River County, Harley Holder, Service Initiative: Exploring the Possibilities, Talent: Dance, Ambition: Pediatric Nurse
  17. Miss Picayune, Baylee Albritton, Service Initiative: Harmony Inclusion Project, Talent: Tap Dance, Ambition: Pediatrician
  18. Miss Pine Belt's Teen, Brooke Bumgarner, Service Initiative: Bullying Prevention and Character Education, Talent: Vocal, Ambition: Attorney
  19. Miss Queen City, Skylar Earnhart, Service Initiative: Help a Paw Out, Talent: Dance, Ambition: Forensic Investigator
  20. Miss Tupelo, Addison Crippen, Service Initiative: Lunches with Love, Talent: Dance, Ambition: Sports Attorney
  21. Miss Vicksburg, Addie Grace Clay, Service Initiative: Grace Gives, Talent: HerStory, Ambition: Physical Therapist


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