Susana Medina was crowned Miss Grand Spain (Miss Grand España) 2024

Las Palmas takes national crown home the passport to Myanmar

The Reigning Miss Grand Spain 2-23, Celia Sevilla has crowned Las Palmas Representative Susana Medina as her successor Miss Grand Spain 2024 (Miss Grand España 2024). Medina will represent her country Spain at The 12TH Miss Grand International 2024 pageant in Yangon, Myanmar, where The reigning queen Luciana Fuster of Peru, Miss Grand International 2023 will crown her successor at the end of Final Competition on Friday, October 25, 2024.

Medina, 25 of Hometown Telde, became winner in 35 Contestants at the grand finale at the pageant venue Teatro Municipal Horacio Noguera, Isla Cristina, Huelva. The CEO SL Medina of the Clínica Dental Dr Manuel Artiles in Las Palmas is studying Law at the Harvard University. She is an Internet Star Influencer with 200K Tiktok followers and 265K Insta followers at @susimem.

An Important Contestant's Statement

Being a woman means many things. We have to deal with challenges on a day-to-day basis, but it is very comforting to take these steps together. Thank you to all those women who are part of my life, helping me become the woman I am today. Happy women's day 8M. And I don't want to go without saying also thank you to all the men who support us women on the path of equality, equity and love. Many thanks to all the people who help us become who we are. I have been made a strong, brave, determined, humble, a fighter, hardworking and very loving woman. This video is a little summary

Results: Susana Medina, Miss Grand Spain 2024 (Las Palmas)

  1. 1ST Runner-up: Idayra Tena (Tenerife)
  2. 2ND Runner-up: Adriana Corpas (Tarragona)
  3. 3RD Runner-up: Luana Gheban (Albacete)
  4. 4TH Runner-up: Esther Escudero (Euskadi)

Top 10

  1. María Llamas (Andalusia)
  2. Rocio Mengual (Córdoba)
  3. Gema Adrover (Mediterranean)
  4. Mayka Rodríguez (Seville)
  5. Ainhoa Gallego (Toledo)

Top 15

  1. Julia Guerrero (Atlántico)
  2. Alina Farcas (Castellón)
  3. Yaneisy Ceballos (Costa Canaria)
  4. Valentina Pereira (La Rioja)
  5. Daniela Qiuntero (Murcia)

Winner of Special Awards

  • Miss Congeniality: Noelia Rivero (Costa de la Luz)
  • Miss Popular Vote: Adriana Corpas (Tarragona)
  • Miss Photogenic: María Llamas (Andalusia)
  • Best Elegance: Daniela Qiuntero (Murcia)
  • Best Dance: Idayra Tena(Tenerife)
  • Best in Swimsuit: Adriana Corpas (Tarragona)
  • Best Evening Gown: Mayka Rodríguez (Seville)

Miss Grand Spain (Miss Grand España) 2024 on May 11th at Isla Cristina with 36 Contestants

Who will be successor of Celia Sevilla? The 8TH Miss Grand Spain 2024 pageant period is May 5th to May 12th, 2024

Saturday, May 11, 2024: The Grand Finale & Coronation of Miss Grand Spain 2024 is happening now today on Saturday, May 11, 2024 at the pageant Venue Teatro Municipal Horacio Noguera in Isla Cristina, Huelva, Spain.

Streaming Now The Miss Grand Spain 2024 Contestants from Isla Cristina, Spain Starting 10PM

Streaming Now The Preliminary Competition of Miss Grand Spain 2024 from CIT GARUM in Isla Cristina, Spain Starting 9:30PM on Friday, May 10th, 2024

Streaming Now The Swimsuit Competition Miss Grand Spain 2024 from Hotel Estival Isla Cristina, Spain Starting 6:00PM on May 9th

Streaming Now The Presentation of Miss Grand Spain 2024 Contestants from CIT GARUM in Isla Cristina, Spain Starting 9:30PM on May 8th

The Complete Schedule of Miss Grand Spain 2024 / Miss Grand España) 2024 is here:

The tickets are available to book for €150 at the official website, where search for ticket type and book “numbered seat”.

General admission for €60, includes preliminary round on Friday, May 10th and final gala on Saturday, May 11th, 2024.

The VIP ticket costs €90, which includes preliminary round on May 10 and final gala on May 11.

The Grand Experience Tickets can be booked for €150, including the entry to amazing experience as per following schedule:

  • Wednesday, May 8: The “Welcome Press” Event
  • Thursday May 9: Join the “Swimsuit Competition”.
  • Friday, May 10: The personal interviews
  • Saturday, May 11: Attend the dress rehearsal
  • Preferential seat for the "Preliminary Competition" and "Final Gala" on May 10 and 11
  • Meet and greet (muy especial)

The tickets have 0% discount code for Booking at the "Summer Hotel de Isla Cristina" to secure the stay at the official host hotel. 

The Current LIST of Miss Grand Spain 2024 Contestants, Updates As Per Regional Coronations

Thu, Dec 21, 2023: This year Miss Grand España 2024 or Miss Grand Spain 2024 is going to be the 8th edition and likely to be held in April 2024. The Reigning Queen is Toledo's Celia Sevilla Miss Grand Spain 2023 who was crowned on Saturday, March 25, 2023.

The Winner of Miss Grand Spain 2024 competition will represent Spain in Miss Grand International 2024 Pageant in Yangon, Myanmar on Friday, October 25, 2024 where the current Miss Grand International 2023, Peru's Luciana Fuster will crown her successor at the end of the grand finale.

The List of Miss Grand Spain 2024 Contestants

  1. María Llamas, Miss Grand Andalucía 
  2. Clara Ocaña, Miss Grand Asturias 
  3. Ndeye Fatou, Miss Grand Balearic Islands 
  4. Milene Mayo, Miss Grand Cádiz 
  5. Zulema de la Paz, Miss Grand Cantabria 
  6. Sheila Romay, Miss Grand Costa Gallega 
  7. Irene Aguilera, Miss Grand Community of Madrid 
  8. Marcia Lukasievicz[, Miss Grand Galicia (Orginally the 1st runner-up Miss Grand Costa Gallega, takes over the crown after Paula Currás resigned)
  9. Esther Escudero, Miss Grand Euskadi 
  10. Isabel Álvare,z Miss Grand Extremadura 
  11. Ángela Ortega, Miss Grand Granada 
  12. Alejandra Domínguez, Miss Grand Huelva 
  13. Susana Medina, Miss Grand Las Palmas 
  14. Valentina Pereira, Miss Grand La Rioja 
  15. Alejandra Lafuente, Miss Grand Madrid 
  16. Gema Adrover, Miss Grand Mediterranean (The winner Ndeye Fatou resigned)
  17. Idayra Tena, Miss Grand Tenerife 
  18. Ainhoa Gallego, Miss Grand Toledo
  19. Mayka Rodríguez, Miss Grand Sevilla
  20. Luana Gheban, Miss Grand Albacete
  21. Claudia Napoletano, Miss Grand Alicante
  22. Julia Guerrero, Miss Grand Atlántico
  23.  Susana Garcés, Miss Grand Barcelona
  24. Rocio Mengual[, Miss Grand Córdoba
  25. Yaneisy Ceballos, Miss Grand Costa Canaria
  26. Noelia Rivero, Miss Grand Costa de la Luz
  27. Nika Kuznetsova, Miss Grand Costa del Sol
  28. Isabel Álvarez, Miss Grand Extremadura
  29. Nayeli Ortega, Miss Grand Girona
  30. Aura González, Miss Grand Islas Baleares
  31.  Albah Hayas, Miss Grand Jaén
  32. Carla Demenech, Miss Grand Lleida
  33. Rocío Salcedo, Miss Grand Málaga
  34. Daniela Qiuntero, Miss Grand Murcia
  35. Itziar Martín, Miss Grand Valencia
  36. Leyre Escobedo, Miss Grand Zaragoza

Last year 34 Contestants were in race for Miss Grand Spain 2023 crown which is a passport to Miss Grand International Pageant

Image: Social Media Celia Sevilla, Miss Grand Spain 2023 & Top 20 Miss Grand International 2023 showcasing the prestigious Miss Grand Spain Crown


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