Miss Grand Phnom Penh 2024 Social Media Voting Opens

Fri, Dec 29, 2023: Recently Miss Grand Phnom Penh Organization has announced social media based online voting with 14 Contestants who want to win the crown which allows to represent the region at the 10th Miss Grand Cambodia 2024.

The 14 Contestants' portraits with their sashes are posted at Official Facebook Facebook and Instagram. The Official Miss Grand Phnom Penh 2024 Voting winner gets direct listing at the Top 7 placement in final competition. Facebook like equal one vote, public share five points and Instagram like adds seven point to the candidate's score.

The Reigning Queen Miss Grand Cambodia 2023, Phoem Sreynor has competed as Miss Grand Phnom Penh 2023 las year and represented the country at the Miss Grand International 2023 pageant.

This year has a special attraction, the Cambodian Puppet Theater, Lkhon Khol (ល្ខោនខោល) presented by Mrs. Sokun Linna at the finals. (In image: Social Media). UNESCO has an article Lkhon Khol Wat Svay Andet.


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