Miss Brazil World 2024 @ CNB Brasil: New Dates are May 26-30, Coronation on May 29th

As of Now 32 Contestants are confirmed to Compete @ Finals, Check Contestants List Here

In Brazil, 40 young women are preparing to compete for the national title

Miss Brasil Mundo 2024 will be broadcast LIVE on U Miss TV

Who will be successor of Leticia Frota? Check Updates Here

Wed, Feb 14, 2024: Miss Brazil for Miss World National Pageant shifts from February to May this year. Concurso Nacional de Beleza managed The Miss Brasil Mundo election / Miss Brazil World Crowning has new dates for pageant period as May 26th-30th, 2024.

The Grand Finale & Coronation is scheduled on Wednesday, May 29th, 2024 at the pageant venue, Machadinho Thermas Resort SPA, a 3-star hotel at Balneário, Machadinho - RS, Brazil.

The CNB Organization revealed the reason "With Miss World (international stage) having been postponed to February and March 2024, we would not have the presence of the current Miss Brasil Mundo, Letticia Frota, on February 28th, 2024, the original date for choosing her successor."

It further elaborates "Thus, the CNB, in agreement with Machadinho Thermas, decided to also postpone the national election. We hope that Letícia will be present in May with the blue crown"

This year dōTERRA Essential Oils (BR) and Traveller's Choice TripAdvisor 2023 Award winner Machadinho Thermas Resort SPA are the main sponsor of Miss Brazil World 2024 Pageant.

At present Miss Brazil World, Leticia Frota is in competition mode to bring the Miss World Crown for Brazil. Read latest updates and her crowning in 2022 here: Leticia Frota to compete for Brazil at the Jio World Convention Centre, The Miss World Stage.

Check The Miss Brazil World 2024 Contestants LIST

Miss Brasil Mundo is the national contest that elects the Brazilian representative to Miss World, the oldest Grand Slam beauty contest. Created in 1951 by British businessman Eric Morley, and today chaired by Julia Morley, Miss World is considered the “mother of all contests”.

Miss World and Miss Brasil Mundo have very unique characteristics: the main focus of these events is social actions under the motto “Beauty with Purpose”. There are stages of talent, sports (internationally), communicability and fashion. The swimsuit parade has not existed on the final night of Miss World since 1996, and on the preliminary night since 2014.

No other contest has so many participating countries: on average, 120! It is watched annually around the world by more than 1 billion people, on television or the internet.


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