Meet Julieta Garcia Miss Universe Argentina 2021

Now Julieta Garcia is Miss Charm Argentina 2023

Once Miss Universe Argentina 2021 JULIETA GARCIA was on road to Universe Arena Eilat Representing her Country Argentina at 22, updates latest @ Instagram @julietagarciaok, from Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires

MEET Miss Universe Argentina 2021 JULIETA By Knowing Her Short Official Bio

The Golden Girl Julieta Garcia in December 2021

Julieta is an extremely persevering and focused person. Since her childhood, she has been passionate about studying human behavior through her career in psychology and her life experience.

She has dedicated herself to accompanying people with addiction problems and raising awareness about these types of problems worldwide. She is fully committed to the feminist movement and its advancement.

Miss Universo Argentina 2021 has developed her skills in the performing arts during 12 years of practicing ballet. She is currently working as an international model.

In Pictures Julieta Garcia Miss Universe Argentina 2021 @ Universe Arena Eilat


Miss Universo Argentina 2021 Julieta  Garcia FUN FACTS in Her Own Words

I am studying psychology and with that I want to raise awareness about the importance of mental health, as well as giving tools to have it.

I have a great capacity of adaptation and I can manage very well in different scenarios.


I am passionate about the performing arts, I love playing characters and expressing myself in different ways.

Her nick Name is Juli García

The Crowning of Miss Universo Argentina 2021

The national director of Argentina and President of Miss Venezuela Organization, Osmel Sousa crowned 1st Runner-up Miss Universe Argentina 2019, Julieta Garcia on Saturday, October 16, 2021 in Altamira, Miranda, Venezuela. She is set to represent Argentina at Miss Universe 2021 in Eilat, Israel.

The Winner's Statement

Miss Universe Argentina 2021, Julieta Garcia has a long post as her winner's statement shared on October 17, 2021, read the full text (from

"And the third time was the charm...
Who would imagine that this would be my destiny, to think that I showed up for that casting without even knowing what a Miss was, I made an effort, I met wonderful people who taught me things that I treasured with the certainty that I was going to achieve it one day, but I was not yet ready to win, I needed time to assume this great responsibility... that's how it went a second time, until the third time came, at the right moment, just so that I would have the necessary security for this next triumph... and here I am, I made it, I am the new MISS UNIVERSO ARGENTINA 2021

Thank you to all the people who supported me during this time, who never stopped believing in me and helped me continue persevering until I achieved it, you are everything that is good.

Happy with all this wonderful team that accompanies me, supports and teaches me, I now consider them my family, eternally grateful for believing and trusting me, we are going to achieve it!

Thank you @dailimanovsky for organizing the casting that brought me here

Thank you universe, you have given me so much! It's my turn to reward you by giving everything

My beautiful crown is from @alejandro_arraiz, incredible! Thank you so much

My makeup is always the best @oskarovskyboyer

Are you as excited as me?


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