MEET Antonia Figueroa Miss Universe Chile 2021 @ Eilat Arena Journey: BIO

Currently The Environmental Engineer Antonia Cristal Figueroa @antonia_cristal is working with CAZALAC

The Centro del Agua para Zonas Áridas y Semiáridas de América Latina y el Caribe is Research and Product Development Centers, carry out their work on thematic and geographical priorities relevant to their areas of La Serena, Chile

Antonia is a woman who from a very young age has known how to use her time wisely. She autonomously learned to cultivate wisdom for the future. At the age of 5, she learned how to play the violin, and without teachers or classes, she has already mastered 4 languages.

During her youth, she stood out in various sports disciplines such as boxing, basketball, and surfing, but it was taekwondo that has given her the most satisfaction, being a regional champion and currently holding a black belt. She has always been a multifaceted woman.

She loves instruments, dancing, singing, she was a participant in MasterChef Chile and obtained a degree in Environmental Civil Engineering with excellence. In 2015, her city Coquimbo was hit by an earthquake and tsunami from which Antonia survived and dedicated herself to actively participate in the various military campaigns to move her city and the affected inhabitants forward.

In 2020 she created Volunteers for Children, where she enrolls people who are willing to teach for free, various members of the community have contributed to her project, such as the ambassador of Israel in Chile.

Antonia Figueroa Miss Universe Chile 2021 Tell You FUN FACTS of Her LIFE!!!

  • I recently achieved my first-degree black belt in Taekwondo.
  • I participated in the fourth season of the television show MasterChef.
  • I learned to speak German to be able to do in the future, a master's degree in Berlin related to renewable energies and Water and Wastewater Technology.

Volunteers for Children (Voluntarios por la Infancia) @voluntariosporlainfancia, Antonia Cristal Figueroa aka Antonia Cristal Figueroa Alvarado aka Antonia Figueroa Miss Universe Chile 2021 is 25, a Environmental Engineer, Master Chef, Miss World Chile 2016 and Miss Eearth Chile 2018.

Antonia Figueroa, Miss Universe Chile 2021, poses while spending the day at Ein Karem in Jerusalem, Israel. The Miss Universe delegates are touring the sights, filming, rehearsing and preparing to compete for the Miss Universe crown before the show airs LIVE from Eilat, Israel on Sunday, December 12 at 7:00 PM ET on FOX and Telemundo. 

If there is something that I like is swimming and I love the water! But it's too cold to go to the beach so I go from time to time to the spa with my sister or my family. I took about 10 photos and I liked this one even though my hand comes out in motion hahaha @ enjoycoquimbo

Antonia Figueroa aka Antonia Cristal Figueroa Alvarado born in La Serena on Monday, January 16, 1995, is a Chilean model and beauty queen. She was crowned with the title of Miss Universe Chile 2021. She was previously crowned Miss World Chile 2016 and Miss Earth Chile 2018.1

Getting to know the beaches of Tel Aviv before the 70th version of Miss Universe begins. 
I came to sunbathe, being 12.31 am here with 24º 
My bikini is from @ aurea.swim 
My accessories are from @latribusomos 
@visit_israel, #visitisrael #missuniverse #visiteilat 
- Antonia Figueroa Miss Universe Chile 2021

Antonia figueroa Personal information 
Birth name Antonia Cristal Figueroa Alvarado 
Born January 16, 1995 at La Serena, Chile 
Physical characteristics 
Height 1.78 m (5 ′ 10 ″) 
Brown eyes & Brown hair 
Professional information 
Occupation Model, Beauty queen 
Titles: Miss World Chile 2016 
Miss Earth Chile 2018 
Miss Universe Chile 2021

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