Mayka Rodríguez was crowned Miss Grand Sevilla 2024: Check The Stream Now

Sun, Dec 17, 2023: Guadalquivir's Mayka Rodríguez emerged winner against 20 Contestants and crowned Miss Grand Sevilla 2023 at the end of grand finale at Global Live Stream. The cour of new queen has Primera Finalisra Carmen Ramirez of Guadaira, Segunda Finalista Julia Guerrero of Gelves, Tercera Finalista Yanira Jiménez Peláez of Montellano and Cuarta Finalista Irene Orgaz of Capital.

Miss Grand Sevilla 2022, Andrea Boza has crowned her successor on Sunday, December 17th, 2023 at the Centro Cultural Pastora Soler de Coria del Rio.

Miss Grand Cádiz 2022, Alba Pérez was the presenter / host of coronation. The special guests were Celia Sevilla Miss Grand Spain 2023 and Isabella N. Menin Miss Grand International 2022.

The Full Coronation LIVE Stream is available here:

Winner's Statement

After only 72 hours of my coronation as Miss Grand Seville 2023, I can say that I am still in a dream, that what they say about “Enjoy it, it goes by very quickly” is completely true that night that was something ephemeral for all of us, but eternal in our minds and hearts.

I would like to thank all those people who do their best, who are behind the curtain so that everything goes perfect, to @vicente_mgs for making a magical night and giving everything unimaginable so that the gala was what it was, a WONDERFUL, to the entire styling team for their closeness and sympathy, which was what we all needed on such a special day, and to all the people who wanted to enjoy the gala with us, those positive messages that help everyone so much.
And of course to all my girls who have made this truly a GREAT experience, my colleagues who from minute one have been there supporting each other, for every rehearsal that we have enjoyed and we have learned from each other, a little bit of each way Miss Grand Sevilla 2023 and this is what I promise to bring to Miss Grand Spain 2024, your enthusiasm, your effort, your love, and of course mine.
@yurubycoussin_ for showing me the LOVE you feel for this world, and above all for believing in me.
Thank you with all my heart to @_andreaboza for behaving like a complete queen, for her involvement with all the girls and for giving me, along with the crown, all the love and pride she feels for her.
My fabulous @kilian_santana_ not only for this work of art made into a dress but also for her treatment, her advice and her messages of encouragement
To my mother, father, siblings, family and friends, thank you for trusting me from the first minute and supporting me.
THANK YOU all, this has just begun
- Mayka Rodríguez Miss Grand Sevilla 2024


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