Marybelen Sakamoto was crowned Miss Universe Japan 2022 by Juri Watanabe

Reigning Queen Miss Universe Japan 2021 Juri Watanabe has just crowned the winner against 35 contestants, gorgeous Marybelen Sakamoto Miss Universe Japan 2022 @marybelen_sakamoto at the of Grand Finale today on Thu, Aug 25, 2022 which commenced at 6:30 PM Japan Time and 5:30 AM EST in Yamano Hall Tokyo.

Marybelen Sakamoto Miss Universe Japan 2022 will now represent her nation Japan at the upcoming 71st Miss Universe 2022 competition.


Enthusiasm of Miss Universe Japan 2022
No matter what the situation, Mariveren is a human being.
I'm the only one! I will do what only I can do! and myself
will inspire you.
While having fun, I challenge myself whole-heartedly.

What does beautifully confident mean to you?

I think that believe in yourself and accomplished all the way to the end.



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