Lorena Santen was CROWNED Miss Universe Switzerland 2023

Sat, Sep 23, 2023: Miss Switzerland Pageant has concluded at Hilton Geneva Hotel & Conference Centre in Le Grand-Saconnex, Switzerland. The winning contestant Lorena Santen is crowned as Miss Switzerland and Miss Universe Switzerland 2023 by outgoing queen Alia Giundi Miss Universe Switzerland 2022 at the end of grand finale.

Newly crowned Lorena Santen Miss Universe Switzerland 2023 will represent her nation with the national flag at upcoming The 72ND Miss Universe 2023 in El Salvador at the pageant venue Adolfo Pineda National Gymnasium (Gimnasio Nacional Adolfo Pineda) on Saturday November 18, 2023 where the reigning Miss Universe 2022, R'Bonney Gabriel will crown her successor at the end of Grand Finale.

New Queen Lorena Santen Miss Universe Switzerland 2023 is the 74TH Entry to Class of Miss Universe 2023 and The First Swiss Beauty Queen in the era of Dr. Anne JKN.

Get to know Lorena Santen

Lorena Santen is a 26-year-old Swiss native with a degree in business administration and a decade of experience at a leading Swiss bank. Beyond the world of finance, she is a passionate traveler who loves to keep herself fit and healthy through sports and dance. Lorena is a dedicated advocate for physical and mental health, and her unwavering commitment to well-being, along with her boundless enthusiasm for life and positivity, drive her to utilize the Miss Universe platform to motivate, inspire, and empower others to stay healthy and eradicate any stigma surrounding health issues.

• I'm most proud of always staying true to myself, steadfast in upholding my values, and allowing positivity to radiate, even in the face of challenges in my life.

• If I could have any superpower it would be the power of healing. With this incredible ability, I would strive to bring solace and relief to those who are suffering, whether from physical ailments or emotional wounds.

• I'm inspired by the beauty of diversity in our world, the stories of individuals who have overcome challenges, and the power of unity in creating positive change.

• If I had to describe myself in one word, it would be radiant.

• I'm happiest when I'm traveling the world and experiencing true humanity, beyond any borders and boundaries.

• I can't live without spreading love and positivity.

The Top 5 Winners are:

Miss Universe Switzerland 2023: Lorena Santen, @lorenasanten

  • 1ST Runner-up: Marisa Varunee, @marisavarunee
  • 2ND Runner-up: Emilie Bovier, @emilie_bovier
  • 3RD Runner-up: Jessica Alice, @jess._.alice
  • 4TH Runner-up: Dalia Kramer, @daliia_official, Miss Europe Continental Switzerland 2019

The TOP 10 Miss Universe Switzerland 2023 Contestants are

  1. Gaia Bertoncini, @iamgayaa
  2. Marine Sundae, @marinesundae
  3. Vanessa Williams aka Victoria Raymann, @mab.williams
  4. Sol Von Allmen aka Sol Cristina, @solcristi2
  5. Virginie Monney, @vmny02

The unplaced contestants of total 15 Candidates are Kelly Buhler, Lara Rojas, Marine Sayard, Marini Anne and Naomi Eigenmann. 


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