Larah Ysabelle Leal was crowned Miss Santa Cruz 2024 on April 3rd

Santa Cruz in Occidental Mindoro, Philippines elects three new queens Miss Agriculture from Binibining Poblacion II, Miss Tourism from Binibining Pinagturilan and Miss Santa Cruz 2024 from Binibining Barahan

Recently on Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024 starting at 7pm in Santa Cruz Municipal Gymnasium, Grand Finale & Coronation Show concluded with 11 Contestants.

The Three Elected Queens are:

  • Miss Santa Cruz 2024: Larah Ysabelle Leal (Binibining Barahan)

Miss Santa Cruz 2024, Larah Ysabelle Leal puts her heart in the words “It is indeed undeniable that the TALABASI Festival served as a way to enjoy, to observe the wonderful treasure of Santa Cruz because it is one of the representatives of our town and above all it proves that the town of Santa Cruz will not steal even that anyone because Santa Cruz is ours and because TALABASI is the treasure of all of Santa Cruz.”
  • Miss Agriculture 2024:  Joie Tamayosa (Binibining Poblacion II)

Miss Agriculture, Joie Tamayosa says “I believe that the importance of this celebration is recognizing where we started, because this is the way we celebrate today. As time goes on, our town is developing more and more and that is also due to the introduction of the indigenous mangyan people. I will continue to be proud as a citizen of Santa Cruz who joins in this celebration and not only represents my barangay but also the entire town of Santa Cruz.”
  • Miss Tourism 2024: Kimberly Balitar (Binibining Pinagturilan)

Miss Tourism, Kimberly Balitar expressed her viewpoint “The talabasi festival is a medicine for us in our community and as a teacher I want to help you, I want to be a medicine for my fellow young people who live in the community of Santa Cruz and if lucky not only in the town of Santa Cruz . The talabasi that serves as medicine is what we see tonight, we are celebrating the 75th founding anniversary talabasi festival because it has solved our difficulties for several years. That's it and thank you very much!”

The Online Voting was also launched on March 15th with beautiful headshots of all 11 Candidates, Check here:

Images: Official Social Media - Must visit with more results and tons of pictures.


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