Kristen Wright won Top 12 at The 71st Miss World 2024 in India

Kristen Wright Brings Australian Flag at The 71st Miss World in India

Biomedical Science Student Kristen Wright is competing as Miss World Australia in India who was crowned Miss World Australia on April 29, 2022

The 71st Miss World 2023 on 9 March 2024 at Jio World Convention Centre in Mumbai, India

Miss World Australia, Kristen Wright is also a published children’s author and her other hobbies include surfing, motorbike riding, hiking, horse riding.

Wright, 24, 175 CM Tall,  is studying for a Degree in Biomedical Science and would like to pursue a career in Paediatric Speech Pathology. A National Gymnast for over 10 years she also became the youngest Scuba Instructor in Victoria.

The Miss World Contestants from Australia, Kristen Wright tells about herself "I am an individual driven by passion, kindness and compassion. With a strong sense of purpose, I actively engage in personal growth and contribute to my community; my proudest moment was starting the Educate Resuscitate Project in memory of a close friend."

Kristen Wright was CROWNED Miss World Australia 2022

After a long gap of 1016 Days from Fri, July 19, 2019 when Sarah Marschke Miss Australia 2019 was crowned, The Crowning Moment Came in Australia National Arena Palazzo Versace Gold, Today on Friday, April 29, 2022 when New Australian Beauty Queen Kristen Wright Miss World Australia 2022 get her crown & sash

Kristen Wright is now authorized Australia's Delegate for Miss World 2022
Total 24 Contestants Rocked with Full Glamor and Extremely Talented Performance
She is Biomedical Student, Speciality Scuba Diving Instructor at SSI International and Director of The Educate Resuscitate Project. Watch her taking test dive in a video here.

Winner's Statement from Kristen Wright Miss Australia 2022

Australia! I am so honoured to represent you on the international stage in December at @missworld and words cannot describe how grateful I am for the opportunity to take the #EducateResusciate Project Internationally.There are so many of you who I owe thanks to for putting your love and faith upon me. To the incredible sponsors, the Miss World Australia organisation and director @deborahmillerpqa , and to my loved ones who have consistently supported me. To the incredible charities @varietyaustralia and @bushtobeach_aus , I am excited to continue advocating for both of you for not only my reign but for many years to come. Image credits to @mrsmithphotography.

Check Full Results Here:

WINNERS / TOP 5 Miss World Australia 2022

WINNER: Kristen Wright Miss World Australia 2022
1st Runner-up: Ruby Rose Schofield
Emma Healy
Letitia Walker
Selina McCloskey

TOP 10 Miss World Australia 2022

  1. Bree Monck aka Breanna
  2. Ruby Rose Schofield
  3. Rowena Petersen
  4. Emma Hunt
  5. Letitia Walker
  6. Paris Bedford
  7. Selina McCloskey
  8. Lily Rose
  9. Kristen Wright
  10. Emma Healy

Check Contestants Vying for Miss World Australia 2022 Crown

  1. Abbie Freeman
  2. Alicia Hill
  3. Annette Sindiga
  4. Breanna Monck
  5. Clara Momesso
  6. Cydney Coleman
  7. Demi Djemal
  8. Emma Hunt
  9. Emma Jane Healy
  10. Jenayah Elliot
  11. Kimberly Odgers
  12. Kristen Wright
  13. Lakshana Soopaul
  14. Laurie Wynne
  15. Letitia Walker
  16. Lily Rose
  17. Maddison Hodder
  18. Mary Holmes
  19. Paris Bedford
  20. Rebecca Watson
  21. Rowena Petersen
  22. Ruby Rose Schofield
  23. Sanchia Fernandes
  24. Selina McCloskey
  25. Susana Downes
  26. Tatum Marais
  27. Taydam Knowles
  28. Temeley Crawford
  29. Windy Wulandari


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