Klara Filizzola was crowned Miss Amazon World 2024

She represents Amazonas in the 63rd Miss Brazil World, which will take place from May 26-30, 2024 in Machadinho (RS), with broadcast by the CNB TV channel on YouTube.

Klara Filizzola is the state successor to Leticia Frota, current Miss Brazil World who will represent our country at Miss World on the coming 09th of March.

Miss Amazon World 2024 / Miss Amazonas Mundo 2024, Klara Filizzola, 20, is a model, digital influencer and software engineering student from Manaus.

Passionate about Miss World, Filizzola loves social work, especially those involving children in her state, the Amazon.

Check More About Miss Brazil World 2024 @ CNB Brasil and Ana Clara, as she call herself, at Instagram.com/klarafilizzola

Official Miss Brazil World Social Media - Facebook.com/CNBBrasil


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