Ismeli Jarquín Gutiérrez was crowned Miss World Nicaragua 2024 on March 9th: Check LIVE Stream & Results

Jinotega takes national crown for The 72nd Miss World 2025

Saturday, March 9, 2024: The reigning queen Miss World Nicaragua 2022, Mariela Cerros has crowned her successor Ismeli Jarquín Gutiérrez as Miss World Nicaragua 2024 who emerged winner against Top 15 Contestants at the end of Grand Finale and Coronation LIVE Streamed from Teatro Nacional Rubén Dario on Saturday, March 9th 2024 presented by official hosts Armedo Perez and Stefanía Alemán Cerda, Miss Mundo Nicaragua 2015.

The new queen  Ismeli Jarquín Gutiérrez Miss Mundo Nicaragua 2024 will represent her country at the upcoming 72nd Miss World 2025 pageant where Czech Republic, Krystyna Pyszková Miss World 2024 will crown her successor.

 The LIVE Stream is available to watch here:

Results: WINNER: Ismeli Jarquín Gutiérrez, Miss World Nicaragua 2024


  1. Dorianny
  2. Adelaida
  3. Ismeli
  4. Karla
  5. Belén
  6. Julia

Special Awards

  • Best Departmental Director Award: Ryan Reyes, @ryanreyes_15, Chontales Departmental Director
  • Miss Photogenic 2024: Adelaida Landero, Chinandega
  • Best body of 2024: Ismeli Jarquín Gutiérrez, Jinotega
  • Miss Mundo Social Media 2024, Srta Rogue Salon 2024 and Srta Atelier De Clou 2024: Karla González, Chontales
  • Beuuty with Purpose 2024 Winner: Julia Aguilar, Granada
  • Orgullo Nica 2024: Dorianny Carmona, Chontales
  • Miss Simpatía / Miss Congeniality: 2024: Roxana Ruiz, Carazo
  • Sonrisa Peak Dental 2024: Diana Cuadra, Masaya / Chinandega
  • Best National Costume: La Pumita Albina by Carlos Nicaragua

The Top 16 Finalists Miss World Nicaragua 2024 Announced on February 17th

The Reigning Queen is Mariela Cerros, Miss World Nicaragua 2022 currently competing for Miss World Crown in India, She replaced Daniela de Smet who was crowned Miss World Nicaragua in 2022

Sat, Feb 17, 2024: Miss Mundo Nicaragua Organization, the official licensees of the MISS WORLD LTD pageant. in Nicaragua to send the national representative, has LIVE Streamed the Episode 4 of  Miss Mundo Nicaragua 2024 revealing The Top 16 Finalists for The Grand Finale. Vos TV “El Canal del Orgullo Nicaragüense” broadcasted LIVE the Top 16 Reveal & Challenges: Photography and Recyclable Fashion.

The Complete Show is available here to watch:

The Top 16 Finalists Miss World Nicaragua 2024

In this episode two contestants Anielka Treminio of León and Meydiell Tórrez of Matagalpa eliminated from competition

  1. Adelaida Landero – Chinandega
  2. Belén Cáceres – Matagalpa
  3. Dara Castillo - Chontales
  4. Diana Cuadra - Masaya
  5. Diana García - R. San Juan
  6. Dorianny Carmona – Chontales
  7. Eduarda Ferrey – Managua
  8. Ismeli Jarquín Gutiérrez - Jinotega
  9. Julia Aguilar - Granada
  10. Karla González - Chontales
  11. Keytling Salazar – Chinandega
  12. Luisa Alvarado - R. San Juan
  13. Roxana Ruiz – Carazo
  14. Shania Levy – Managua
  15. Yaren Castro – Chinandega
  16. Yaritza Ramos – Managua

Miss World Nicaragua 2024 The TV Series Commences with 24 Contestants

Sun, Jan 28, 2024: Miss Mundo Nicaragua Organization has launched The Television Series with the 24 Contestants who will compete in a series of challenges in Miss World Nicaragua 2024 Pageant.

The LIVE Stream of Miss Mundo Nicaragua 2024 Episode is available at URL

  1. Adelaida Landero – Chinandega
  2. Anielka Treminio – León
  3. Belén Cáceres – Matagalpa
  4. Cendy Martínez – Masaya
  5. Dara Castillo – Chontales
  6. Diana Cuadra – Masaya
  7. Diana García - R. San Juan
  8. Dorianny Carmona – Chontales
  9. Eduarda Ferrey – Managua
  10. Elba Montenegro – Matagalpa
  11. Fabiana Acosta – Managua
  12. Ismeli Jarquín - Jinotega
  13. Julia Aguilar – Granada
  14. Karla López – Chontales
  15. Katherin Casanova – Rivas
  16. Keytling Salazar – Chinandega
  17. Luisa Alvarado - R. San Juan
  18. Meydiell Tórrez – Matagalpa
  19. Roxana Ruiz – Carazo
  20. Shania Levy – Managua
  21. Yaren Castro – Chinandega
  22. Yaritza Ramos – Managua
  23. Yesling Romero – Chinandega
  24. Zuhad Aragón - Chontales

Election Process & Casting Miss World Nicaragua 2024

An open national casting call was made with Online Voting to support your favorite contestant to enter directly 2024 Television Series in early November 2023.

 More than 40 delegates from different municipalities in Nicaragua seek classification for The Miss World Nicaragua 2024 Television Series on Sunday, November 26th, 2023 starting at 1pm at the Holiday Inn Managua - Convention Center, an IHG Hotel, in Managua, Nicaragua.


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