Enjoy FREE Instagram LIVE: 36 Contestants Vying for Miss Universe Japan 2022 Crown at Grand Finale in Yamano Hall Tokyo

  • Good New for Miss Universe Fans and All Online Citizens, you can access the streaming to enjoy FREE Instagram LIVE Now where 36 Contestants are Vying for Miss Universe Japan 2022 Crown at Grand Finale today on Thu, Aug 25, 2022 at 6:30 PM Japan Time and 5:30 AM EST in Yamano Hall Tokyo, Japan, Grab your device, even on go to watch the crowning of winner as it happens!!!
  • Reigning Queen Juri Watanabe Miss Universe Japan 2021 is all to to crown her successor
  • New Miss Universe Japan 2022 will represent her nation at the upcoming Miss Universe 2022 Arena in San José, the Capital of Costa Rica!!!

The In-person Grand Finale is happening at Yamano Hall, Event venue in Tokyo, Japan, Located in: M Yamano TOWER at Address: 1 Chome-53-1 Yoyogi, Shibuya City, Tokyo 151-8539, Japan, Contact Phone: +81 3-3379-0111

In picture Miss Universe Japan national director Hiroko Mima Miss Universe Japan 2008 & Top 15 of Miss Universe 2008 with contestants


Result WINNER: Marybelen Sakamoto Miss Universe Japan 2022


  1. SARIA OIKAWA, @sariaoikawa

  2. KOZUE KANZAKI, @kozuekanzaki1018

  3. MEGUMI WILSON, @megumiwilson

  4. MARYBELEN SAKAMOTO, @marybelen_sakamoto

  5. ASKA TAIRA, @aska.taira

TOP 10

  1. CHIAKI MORITA, @chiaki_morita_
  2. AI INAMI, @ai.inami
  3. NATSUMI TEZUKA, @natsumi_tezuka_723
  4. MARYBELEN SAKAMOTO, @marybelen_sakamoto
  5. ASKA TAIRA, @aska.taira
  6. KOZUE KANZAKI, @kozuekanzaki1018
  7. MEGUMI WILSON, @megumiwilson
  8. NANAMI SUGIMOTO, @nanami.sugimoto
  9. SARIA OIKAWA, @sariaoikawa
  10. KANAMI HIRAI, @kanamihirai

Check 36 Contestants Vying for Miss Universe Japan 2022 Crown

  1. ERIKA ISHIBASHI, @erika_opie
  2. HIKARI OKAMURA, @hikari_okamura_
  3. JENI SUGAHARA, @jenisugahara
  4. KAHO TANAKA, @kaho_tanaka_
  5. KANA SAGARA, @kana__sagara
  6. KOZUE KANZAKI, @kozuekanzaki1018
  7. KYOKA NANJO, @kyoka_nanjo
  8. MARYBELEN SAKAMOTO, @marybelen_sakamoto
  9. MEGUMI WILSON, @megumiwilson
  10. MICHIRU YAKUWA, @michiru_yakuwa
  11. MOIRA KOMATSU, @moira.komatsu
  12. NANAMI SUGIMOTO, @nanami.sugimoto
  13. NATSUMI TEZUKA, @natsumi_tezuka_723
  14. NOZOMI KOIKE, @nozomi.koike_19
  15. RANKA SATO, @ranka.sato
  16. SARIA OIKAWA, @sariaoikawa
  17. REINA FUJI, @reinafuji_
  18. RINA KITAMURA, @rina_kitamura03
  19. RISA HOSAKA, @risahosaka_
  20. SHIZUKA ICHIMURA, @shizuka.ichimura
  21. TAMAKI SAITOH, @saitoh_tamaki
  22. YUIKA IKEHATA, @yuika_ikehata
  23. CHIAKI MORITA, @chiaki_morita_
  24. AI INAMI, @ai.inami
  25. AKI TAKEI, @akitakei
  26. ASKA TAIRA, @aska.taira
  27. AYAKA CHIHARA, @ayakachihara_
  28. MIWA YAMAGUCHI, @miwayamaguchi_
  29. MIHO SUGAWARA, @mihosugawara_
  30. MIRIKA MATSUMOTO, @mirikamatsumoto.97
  31. MISAKI UEMATSU, @misaki__uematsu
  32. KANAMI HIRAI, @kanamihirai
  33. KANA TAKADA, @kanatakada_
  34. KAORUKO NAITO, @kaorukonaito
  35. KAREN KADOTA, @karen.kadota
  36. IZUMI NISHIDA, @izumi_nishida


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