Harashta Haifa Zahra was crowned Puteri Indonesia 2024 on International Women's Day

Jawa Barat onceagain takes the national crown, last year Farhana Nariswari was the winner

The Grand Finale and Coronation of The 27 Edition, Puteri Indonesia 2024 concluded on Friday, March 8th, 2024 at the pageant venue - Plenary Hall, Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta, Indonesia which was seen in broadcast by SCTV Television, also the media partner.

Jawa Barat, the Province of West Java emerged winner represented by Harashta Haifa Zahra, the 20 years old Indonesian beauty queen of Garut hometown. Zahra became the winner against 76 contestants.

She is studying Environmental Engineering. She competed as Puteri Indonesia Jawa Barat 2024 in the Puteri Indonesia 2024 on International Women's Day. Harashta Haifa Zahra is known by her nickname Tata.

Tata found her passion in educating others regarding food waste so she can contribute to the sustainability of our food resources . As someone who believes in simplicity, harmony, and respect for nature.

She believes that representing West Java in Puteri Indonesia 2024 shapes her values and guides her actions. Now, as Puteri Indonesia West Java 2024,

Zahra is incredibly honored to carry the message and values of “”Mother of Nature.”” It’s more than just a title, it’s a call for action. She is committed to empower women, inspire change, and create a brighter future for our planet. Fostering a harmonious coexistence between nature and humanity, and creating positive changes for our beloved homeland, West Java.

The outgoing queen Farhana Nariswari, Puteri Indonesia Jawa Barat 2023 & Puteri Indonesia 2024 crowned her successor from the same region, Harashta Haifa Zahra as new Puteri Indonesia 2024 who will rule the years of 2024 - 2025 till the crowning of next queen Puteri Indonesia 2025.

The three special queens are:

  • 1st Runner-Up: Puteri Indonesia Lingkungan 2024, Sophie Kirana Indriyagi from DI Yogyakarta - Miss Environment 2024
  • 2nd Runner-Up: Puteri Indonesia Pariwisata 2024, Ni Ketut Permata Juliastrid Sari from Bali - Miss Tourism 2024
  • 3rd Runner-UpPuteri Indonesia Pendidikan & Kebudayaan 2024, Melati Tedja from Jawa Timur - Miss Education and Culture 2024

There are two more runners-up:

  • 4th Runner-Up: Jakarta SCR 1 – Ghina Raihanah Tadjoedin
  • 5th Runner-Up: Banten – Latisa Safa Maura

National Costume: The Peacock Warrior

Harashta Haifa Zahra adopted the look of The Peacock Warrior Inspired by the peacock dance, the work of an artist and dance choreographer from West Java named Raden Tjetje Soemantri in the 1950s. It has a philosophy of beauty, elegance and splendor, so it can represent a symbol of pride and self-confidence.

Her Look is result of the Collaborative Works of Concept Designer Moka Bandung Beauty Project, headpiece artists are Ayung Berinda Wedding Galery and TJEP Accesories, Leather by:ASTIGA LEATHER, Boots TEGEP BOOTS the Legendary Bootsmaker since 1997 and The Kebaya An Indonesian Traditional Dress for Women by NESA OFFICIAL.

Who were jury members judging the winner, areal tough task, selecting from 77 Contestants?

  1. Jury President: Kusuma Dewi Sutanto, Head of Organization of Yayasan Puteri Indonesia
  2. Jury Vice-president: Mega Angkasa, Head of Communications of Yayasan Puteri Indonesia
  3. Chairwoman of the Puteri Indonesia 2024 selection: Kusuma Ida Anjani, Director of Mustika Ratu
  4. Laksmi De-Neefe Suardana, Puteri Indonesia 2022 from Bali
  5. Retno Marsudi, 17th Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Indonesia
  6. Dito Ariotedjo, 14th Minister of Youth and Sports of the Indonesia
  7. Ridwan Kamil, Former 13rd Governor of West Java, Development curator of Nusantara
  8. Emil Dardak, 5th Vice-governor of East Java
  9. Prilly Latuconsina, Indonesian public figure, activist, and actress
  10. Jahja Setiaatmadja, President director of Bank Central Asia
  11. Andrea Aguilera, Miss Supranational 2023 from Ecuador
  12. Luma Russo, Miss Charm 2023 from Brazil

The LIST of 77 Contestants Vying Puteri Indonesia 2024 Crown

The contestants are grouped Island and Major Region-wise

Region / Sub Region , Name , Age , Hometown

Sumatra Island

  1. Aceh, Suci Annisa Mawardi, 24, Subulussalam, 
  2. North Sumatra, Nabiqah Anisa Salsabila Pasaribu, 20, Sibolga, 
  3. West Sumatra, Fitria Helnawati, 23, Padang Pariaman, 
  4. Riau, Jeni Rahmadial Fitri, 26, Bengkalis, 
  5. Riau Islands, Raja Azizah Purnandari, 23, Tanjungpinang, 
  6. Jambi, Miracle Sitompul, 24, West Tanjung Jabung, 
  7. South Sumatra 1, Ananda Papat Oktariza Yacoub, 24, Palembang, 
  8. South Sumatra 2, Eni Permona Jasen, 23, East Ogan Komering Ulu, 
  9. Bangka Belitung, Joan Angelina, 22, Pangkalpinang, 
  10. Bengkulu, Nabilah Putri Bintadytama, 22, Seluma, 
  11. Lampung, Nabilah Rohma Balqis, 24, Bandarlampung

Java Island

  1. Jakarta SCR 1, Ghina Raihanah Tadjoedin, 22, Jakarta, 
  2. Jakarta SCR 2, Lady Diandra Karsodinomo Pattiata, 25, Jakarta, 
  3. Jakarta SCR 3, Larissa Amelinda Soeryana, 24, Jakarta, 
  4. Jakarta SCR 4, Alyssa Rosvita Tarigan, 23, Jakarta, 
  5. Jakarta SCR 5, Putricia Adelianti, 20, Jakarta, 
  6. Jakarta SCR 6, Vanessa Zahra Sesa, 25, Jakarta, 
  7. Banten, Latisa Safa Maura, 25, Tangerang, 
  8. West Java, Harashta Haifa Zahra, 20, Garut, 
  9. Central Java 1, Kanya Puruhita Amarilis, 26, Sukoharjo, 
  10. Central Java 2, Ade Kania Pramesty, 24, Semarang, 
  11. Yogyakarta SR, Sophie Kirana Indriyagi, 23, Sleman, 
  12. East Java, Melati Tedja, 24, Surabaya

Lesser Sunda Islands

  1. Bali, Ketut Permata Juliastrid Sari, 20, Denpasar, 
  2. West Nusa Tenggara, Ni Nyoman Putri Ayu Diana, 23, Mataram, 
  3. East Nusa Tenggara 1, Veronica Gabriela Margareth Asadoma, 25, Alor, 
  4. East Nusa Tenggara 2, Putri Un Tanjung Malada, 23, Rote Ndao

Kalimantan Island (Indonesia part)

  1. West Kalimantan 1, Ferisa Dhea Nurramadhani Putri, 23, North Kayong, 
  2. West Kalimantan 2, Shindy Valencia, 23, Sambas, 
  3. Central Kalimantan, Dessy Paramita Dewi, 23, Palangka Raya, 
  4. South Kalimantan, Emanuella Bungasmara Ega Tirta, 24, Banjarmasin, 
  5. East Kalimantan 1, Kori Aprilia, 25, West Kutai, 
  6. East Kalimantan 2, Triana Megawati Tening, 25, Mahakam Ulu

Sulawesi Island

  1. South Sulawesi, Chelsea Beatrix Putri Raimel, 26, Tana Toraja, 
  2. West Sulawesi, Andi Aisyah Mawar Hardy, 22, Mamuju, 
  3. Southeast Sulawesi, Dinda Bestari, 23, South Konawe, 
  4. Central Sulawesi, Putri Amalia Moidady, 20, Sea Banggai, 
  5. North Sulawesi, Annisa Oktavia Rettob, 26, Manado, 
  6. Gorontalo, Hindun Clarista Hulopi, 21, Bone Bolango,

Eastern Indonesia

  1. Maluku, Novita Everdina Permatasari Pattipeilohy, 24, Central Moluccas, 
  2. West Papua, Annisa Banafaj Salsabilla Dabeduku Thesia, 22, South Sorong, 
  3. Papua, Rini Anjarwati Kusuma Putri, 20, Merauke



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