Happy Indian Arrival Day May 30th: Aché Abrahams Miss World Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad & Tobago Celebrates Indian Arrival Day This Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Miss World Trinidad & Tobago marks the celebration in style with her iconic Indian Style Stament

Tue, May 30, 2023 Hollywood and Brookings: Today Trinidad and Tobago is celebrating Indian Arrival Day commemorates the arrival of the first indentured labourers from India and Aché Abrahams Miss World TT 2022 is seen at Lakshmi Narayan Temple in Siewdass Road, Couva, Trinidad and Tobago doing photoshoot dazzling in India Sari crafted by Charu Lochan Dass, the Fashion Designer. The glittering beautification is the work of SACHA|Makeup For POC Made in Trinidad & Tobago

Abrahams says detaling the inside story of the Indian Arrival Day May 30 “Today as we celebrate Indian Arrival Day in our beautiful twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, we take the opportunity to recognize and reflect on the remarkable journey of our fore fathers who landed on the shores of Trinidad in 1845 on the Fatel Razack. Not only had a new batch of indentured labourers arrived but also a new culture. A culture that is most prevalent today in our society, from doubles to tassa, from chutney music to bhajans, from Diwali to Eid.”

“Today we celebrate a story of resilience, courage and determination, which has paved the way for a better future for us…today’s generation.” Adds Abrahams on the importance of the day relating to new generation of Trinidad and Tobago.


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