Georgia representative to Miss America 2024 pageant has a lot to say

Mon, Jan 1, 2024: Today, the winner of two-time White House Lifetime Presidential Award, current Miss Georgia, Tara Schiphof has looked backed her year. She has mentioned in new year message a lot of pageant people around her.

Here We have put the complete text of Miss Schiphof new year message with link to the original post, read:

Happy New Year!! I am so incredibly honored to bring in the year of 2024 as Miss Georgia and to be a part of the amazing Miss Georgia Scholarship Organization. I love this organization and the people within it. Mrs. Trina Lynn Pruitt, thank you for all that you do for Charlie and I. We are lucky to have you as our leader. Thank you for all that you do for this organization. I am lucky that I get to be your girl. You truly are such a blessing in my life. I love you!

To the Miss Georgia Executive Board, field directors, local directors, sponsors, and volunteers, thank you for making this organization one that will continue to change the lives of others for many generations. I’m forever grateful for the impact you all have had on my life and on the Miss Georgia Organization.

To my sweet sister queens, I am grateful that this organization has brought each of you into my life. Each one of you continues to inspire me daily to show up as my best self. I love you all so much.

To my sweet teen Miss Georgia's Teen Charlie Key, God couldn’t have given me a better teen to spend the past six months with. I’m so grateful that you are in my life and that while I am your big sister, you have also given me the privilege to learn from you as well. I am so proud of you and the woman that you are becoming. I can’t wait to support you at Miss America's Teen!!

To my family and friends, I couldn’t embark on this journey of a lifetime without your support. Every comment, text, phone call, donation, shout out, share, handwritten letter, gift or words of encouragement has not gone unnoticed.

I’m so grateful for my support system. Your effort in showing me how much you love and care for me has been such an incredible foundation for me. I love you all and I cherish each and every one of you.

To my mom Melanie Dawn Oakley,  words can’t begin to describe how grateful I am that you are in my life. I am so lucky that God selected you as my mother and me as your daughter. Thank you for absolutely everything. I love you forever.

God, thank you for the blessings that you have brought to my life. I will continue to trust your plan for my life always. I love you.  
Miss America, year 2024, I’M READY FOR YOU!

The original post is here at, please visit, like and share. Miss Schiphof is going to perform at Miss America 2024 competition in Orlando and you are welcome to support her at the fundraiser cum America's Choice vote at Spotfund.


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