Filon de Romania 2023 Casting Call, New Project by Romanian InfoFashion Festival Spirit of Beauty

The organization told "We thank the jury members of VâLCEA county, who joined the project. We are waiting for you at the casting in RâMNICU VâLCEA, Sunday, 26.03.2023, 11:00 a.m., at the Novo Boutique Hotel, str. Bogdan Amaru no. 11. If you also have the desire to express yourself through words, images, video in a national project, you can be among the best promoters of the image of your county or of Romania, or you can enter the sphere of modeling, or end up representing country at the international level in beauty contests."

The details for aspiring contestants reads:

Casting open to girls aged between minimum 14 years on 01.02.2023 and maximum 26 years on 01.09.2023, 165-183 cm. Casting outfit: top, skirt/short pants, high heels, natural make-up.
Contestants born in the respective county and those currently residing in the reference county (including those studying for certain periods) can participate in the county casting.

The selection criteria at the county castings will be the following: pleasant physical appearance; height: minimum 1.65 m - maximum 1.83 m; social media accounts that reflect aesthetic taste, photogenicity, communication skills; knowledge of the English language; They are not mandatory, but excellence in different fields and artistic talents, knowledge of local traditions, customs and values will be appreciated.

It is a project to promote the Romanian vein, as perceived by the young women of Romania, from each county, starting from the definition of each area-county in the "garden" of the 42 trees (41 counties + Bucharest), which unite their roots in search, finding and defining the phrase "FILON OF ROMANIA".


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