Ewa Jakubiec is CROWNED Miss Polonia 2023 for Miss World 2024

The Polish Nurse Takes Miss Polonia 2023 Crown Home

Fri, Jun 30, 2023 Hollywood and Zakopane: The Reigning Queen Krystyna Sokołowska Miss World Poland 2023 has just crowned her successor, the Winner against 19 Contestants, Ewa Jakubiec as new Miss World Poland 2024 / Miss Polonia 2023 at the end of Grand Finale in the Pageant Venue is Centrum Kongresowym Nosalowy Dwór Resort & SPA at Oswalda Balzera, Zakopane which Broadcasted LIVE at TVP2 today on Friday June 30th starting around 8pm.

She was Miss Dolnego Śląska 2020. As model she has top class portfolio published here. The 26-year-old model and certified nurse who is native of a small town in the Opole region and currently lives in Wrocław.

The Runners-up of Jacubiec are Natalia Grabowska 1st Runner-up:and  Kornelia Gołębiewska 2nd Runner-up.

Jakubiec has shared first hand experience on Endermology will deal with cellulite, fat tissue and skin sagging.

Need skin firming and slimming down?
She says "During my last visit to @medical_clinic_podhaleart I had the opportunity to test this treatment. Endermology is an innovative technology that works on the basis of mechanical tissue massage, which stimulates blood and lymph circulation in the body. It is an effective method in the fight against bulky cellulite, water erosion, skin sagging and locally localized fat tissue.
If you are in Zakopane, you must visit the clinic @medical_clinic_podhaleart. Great place, wonderful atmosphere and most importantly - a rich selection of face and body treatments. I guarantee you will love this place."

Image: @jakubiec_ewa - Photo. @aleksandra_uzdrzychowska_foto and Makeup. @karolinawoloszynmakeup


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