Eve Gilles is crowned Miss France 2024

Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais wins over 29 beauty queens and wins the national crown

Before entering final Gilles assured and asked "I just wanted to ask you to trust me" and the world knows...

Sat, Dec 16, 2023: Dijon witnessed the crowning of new Miss France 2024. The winner is Eve Gilles who represented the city of Hersin-Coupigny at Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais, then conquered the national stage as winner of the region to become national queen.

The hosts Jean-Pierre Foucault & Cindy Fabre presented the coronation show at the national broadcast in TF1 and announced Eve Gilles as winner of Miss France 2024 crown who passed all the stages and judged the best against 29 other contestants today on Saturday, December 16th, 2023 at Zénith de Dijon.

The court of new queen Eve Gilles Miss France 2024 has 6 runners up namely Audrey Ho-Wen-Tsaï 1st Runner-Up (French Guiana), Adélina Blanc 2nd Runner-Up (Provence), Jalylane Maës 3rd Runner-Up (Guadeloupe), Maxime Teissier4th Runner-Up (Languedoc), Wissem Morel 5th Runner-Up (Normandy), and Ravahere Silloux 6th Runner-Up (Tahiti). The complete pageant details and Top 15 List can be seen here.

The Winner's Mindset just before FINALS

Gilles has shared good amount of posts at Instagram.com/evegillesoff where she said "The hours tick by, the weeks pass at a crazy pace and in a few days the adventure of a lifetime will begin for me. I can't wait to share all of this with you. In the meantime I leave you with a little signed photo"

After some time she added "The countdown begins. In a few days, I will meet and share an extraordinary adventure with 29 young women from all walks of life. This promises beautiful moments of life, of joy, of laughter,… I will try to share with you as many moments as possible because if I have the chance to experience all of this, I do not forget that it is thanks to YOU !"

On arrival Gilles told the world, quite interestingly, offering coffee "Having arrived in Dijon, I ordered us a coffee to wait warm until December 16 but also to give you my news: the rehearsals are coming, I give the best of myself every day to represent us at the better! Do you prefer your coffee with or without sugar?"

Just before the finals the confident queen revealed her mindset saying "Hello everyone, today is the day. The day everything can turn upside down. I'm not gonna make a big speech this morning but I just wanted to ask you to trust me. I believe in you the same way you believe in me. I need your support today more than ever. See you tonight 
I love you"

Earlier Eve Gilles became the Miss Nord pas de Calais 2023 at the Arena Stade Couvert de Liévin located at Chem. des Manufactures, Liévin, France on Saturday, October 14th, 2023 representing the city of Hersin-Coupigny 

Winner's Statement

I don't even know where to start. 
A dream that came true. A step forward in this beautiful adventure that is Miss France. 
Nothing would be possible without all your support. He gives me the strength to fight! So we're going to fight, we're going To work and we're going TO do great things together. 
I would like to especially thank my family, friends, my @misshersincoupigny committee but also the @missnordpasdecalaisoff committee who did an exceptional job like every year. He overcomes himself, learns from his mistakes and will always make dream small and big during a magical evening where a woman's fate changes. 
I would also like to thank my prom for all these good times together. 
You @justinedelcroix you @jeromecolombani you two, my pillars, my shields, the ones I can count on no matter the time or the place. Thank you for everything. 
@judithelleboudtoff , my crazy pill, my roomate, my friend, my crush, words will never be strong enough to describe all the feelings I have for you . 
@agathecauetoff , you accompanied us like a big sister, always listening to us with valuable advice, your kindness, sincerity and gentleness that is yours. 
I thank all my partners who accompanied me and believed in me and all the partners who accompany us throughout this beautiful adventure. 
To all the miss presenters yesterday, thank you for gracing us with your Thank you for your advice and kindness, thank you for welcoming me into the miss France family.


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As Miss France, Ève Gilles receives a number of prizes and awards and a multitude of gifts from sponsors, including a Toyota Yaris Cross as well as a week's stay in Guyana and return tickets to Cayenne offered by Guyana and Air Caraibes

The French beauty queen Ève Gilles was born in Dunkirk (Nord) on Wednesday July 9, 2003. She grew up with her family in the town of Quaëdypre (Nord). Her mother has Reunion origins and she has family in Reunion.

Gilles, 20 years old, 171.3 CM tall, is is planning a career as a Statistician. She completed a degree in mathematics at the University of Lille known as MIASHS, Mathématiques et Informatique Appliquées aux Sciences Humaines et Sociales.

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