Enjoy Miss Bolivia 2023 LIVE Stream Anywhere July 1st from Salón Siriono FexpoCruz Santa Cruz de la Sierra

27 Contestants Vying for Miss Bolivia Crown Pass to Miss Universe 2023 El Salvador

The Global Online Broadcast @ Miss Universe Youtube is set to start at 9pm EST on Saturday, July 1st. Local Bolivia Time is 21:00 GMT-4 LIVE from Pageant Venue Salón Sirionó de la FexpoCruz, Santa Cruz

Miss Bolivia 2022. Maria Fernanda Pavisic Flashing Her Crown while Swmming in Water: Image Off Insta @ferpavisic_

Tue, Jun 27, 2023 Hollywood and Santa Cruz: Today the Official Miss Universe Franchisee for Bolivia, Promociones Gloria ( www.promocionesgloria.com) announced the Global FREE Online Broadcast of The 44TH Miss Bolivia 2023 saying "We are honored to announce that the Miss Bolivia 2023 pageant will be broadcast on the Miss Universe official YouTube channel. We are very happy and grateful for allowing us to show Bolivia to the World."


Within the framework of the activities of Miss Bolivia 2023, the candidates visited the SANTA TERESA DE LOS ANDES HOME, which does commendable work caring for 39 children with multiple disabilities. There, the candidates were able to share and understand a little more about the role played by this institution. and of course they will be the spokespersons so that the general public can provide help for the needs of the Home.

The candidates and Mrs. Gloria de Limpias were received by Brother Ludwing Esparza at the Hogar facilities where they delivered an important donation from well-known companies in our area as well as the contributions of each of the Miss Bolivia participants, the directors of Oruro, La Paz and Potosi.

As well as the proceeds in donations from the guests at the Miss Bolivia 2023 Beauty Gala

Our deep gratitude to the companies that have provided us with their products:  
Thank you very much for all the support.

Hoy por ti, mañana por mi. - oday for you tomorrow for me.

Check The Insta Handles of 27 Miss Universe Bolivia 2023 Contestants


Mon, Jun 26, 2023: The Official Special Awards Presented to following contestants:

Special Awards

  • MEJOR SILUETA MEDIAL CENTER Srta Valle Isabel Rehfeldt: Miss Silhouette Medical Center
  • BELLEZA SESDERMA Srta Santa Cruz Darla Reyes: Beauty Sesdesma
  • EMBAJADORA NUEVA SANTA CRUZ Miss Santa Cruz Vanessa Hayes: Ambassador New Santa Cruz
  • CHICA AMAS Srta La Paz Violeta Gonzales: The Girl You Love
  • MEJOR SONRISA OREST Miss Beni Estefany Rivero: Best Smile Orest
  • MISS PIEL RADIANTE SOLARIS Miss Santa Cruz Vanessa Hayes: Miss Porcelain Skin
  • Mejor traje Típico Miss Bolivia 2023 Darla Reyes Srta Santa Cruz: The Best Typical Costume Winner
  • Miss Deportes Kalomai Srta. Valle Isabel "Isa" Luisa Rehfeldt González: Miss Sports Kalomai
  • Miss Turismo Bolivia Miss Litoral Fernanda Balcazar Cortez: Miss Tourism Bolivia

Sun, Jun 25, 2023

Sat, Jun 24, 2023: The Contestant Darla Reyes, Ms. Santa Cruz is the Winner of the Best Traditional Costume along with Runnrs-up / Finalists Miss Cochabamba, Miss Tarija and Miss Oruro as finalists. The organization thanked for presence and support of the Mayor of Portachuelo and the entire population for the love of all the candidates!

Check The LIST of 27 Miss Bolivia / Miss Universe Bolivia 2023 Contestants

Name & Local Title, Age, Height, Hometown

  1. María Estefany Rivero Geise Miss Beni, 26, 1,75 m (5′ 9″), Trinidad
  2. María Lisbeth Padilla Vidal Srta. Beni, 23, 1,74 m (5′ 9″), Rurrenabaque
  3. Victoria Olguin Pol Miss Cochabamba, 23, 1,80 m (5′ 11″), Cochabamba
  4. Ana Camila Buitrago Álvarez Srta. Cochabamba, 26, 1,70 m (5′ 7″), Cochabamba
  5. Maria Alejandra Torres Miss Chuquisaca, 25, 1,70 m (5′ 7″), Villa Abecia
  6. Eskenda Morales Durán Srta. Chuquisaca, 24, 1,69 m (5′ 7″), Sucre
  7. Daniela Marite Alanez Mendoza Miss Illimani, 22, 1,75 m (5′ 9″), El Alto
  8. Mariel Ortega Mercado Srta. Illimani, 19, 1,75 m (5′ 9″), Tipuani
  9. Abigaíl Moreno Araújo Miss Llanos Tropicales, 22, 1,72 m (5′ 8″), Riberalta
  10. Lizbeth Fabiana Fuentes Terrazas Srta. Llanos Tropicales, 27, 1,67 m (5′ 6″), Chimoré
  11. Yessica Estefanía Ibarra Córdova Miss La Paz, 28, 1,78 m (5′ 10″), Ciudad de La Paz
  12. Violeta Gonzáles Villafan Srta. La Paz, 25, 1,62 m (5′ 4″), Ciudad de La Paz
  13. Fernanda Balcazar Cortez Miss Litoral, 25, 1,68 m (5′ 6″), Santa Cruz de la Sierra
  14. Selva Jimenez Alba Srta. Litoral, 27, 1,70 m (5′ 7″), Santa Cruz de la Sierra
  15. Grecia Karen Schuett Miss Oruro, 26, 1,73 m (5′ 8″), Ciudad de Oruro
  16. Amara Maya Colque Ochoa Srta. Oruro, 23, 1,74 m (5′ 9″), Ciudad de Oruro
  17. Hillary Almanza Sánchez Miss Pando, 20, 1,70 m (5′ 7″), Cobija
  18. Sharis Meryjhen Espinoza Da Silva Srta. Pando, 19, 1,72 m (5′ 8″), Cobija
  19. Lissette "Liss" Gabriela Ondarza Tejerina Miss Potosí, 24, 1,70 m (5′ 7″), Tupiza
  20. Erika Elena Villalobos Rodríguez Srta. Potosí, 25, 1,73 m (5′ 8″), Salar de Uyuni
  21. Ivana Girard Hurtado Miss Residentes, 24, 1,70 m (5′ 7″), Santa Cruz de la Sierra
  22. Vanessa Hayes Schutt Miss Santa Cruz, 24, 1,81 m (5′ 11″), Santa Cruz de la Sierra
  23. Darla Reyes Becerra Srta. Santa Cruz, 19, 1,72 m (5′ 8″), Santa Cruz de la Sierra
  24. Maria del Rocio Galean Espindola Miss Tarija, 23, 1,75 m (5′ 9″), Uriondo
  25. Giovanna Macías Balderrama Miss Valle, 27, 1,71 m (5′ 7″), Mizque
  26. Isabel Rehfeldt, Full Name Isabel "Isa" Luisa Rehfeldt González Srta. Valle, 27, 1,67 m (5′ 6″), Cochabamba
  27. Estephanny Laura Ontiveros Ticona Miss Villa Imperial, 27, 1,69 m (5′ 7″), Ciudad de Potosí



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