Elsa Alijaj appointed Miss Grand Albania 2024

In a social media release Elsa Alijaj (@elsalijaj), The Humble servant, child of God, revealed her nomination for The 12TH Miss Grand International 2024 pageant. She enjoy 10.1K followers at her insta handle.

She shared "Dear World and friends , I am thrilled and honored to announce that I have the privilege of representing Albania as a delegate of Miss Grand International this year!"

Alijaj adds "It is with a heart full of passion and determination that I will undertake this extraordinary journey. I would like to involve you all in feeling the emotions of this incredible adventure with me. With love, humility and a fervent positive energy, I will do my utmost to carry forward the values ​​of beauty , grace and social commitment that this competition embodies."

She has special message when comments "I want us to feel united like a big family, ready to support each other and celebrate every moment of growth and achievement. I invite you to follow me on this incredible journey, full of opportunities, challenges and, above all, of love for our beloved Albania. Together, we can make this journey unforgettable and carry forward a message of peace, hope and positive change for the entire world."

Elsa lastly concluded "Thank you very much for your infinite support. Be ready to share this amazing adventure with me!"


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