Elizabeth Laker is crowned Miss RNB España for Miss Supranational 2024

Miss RNB Tenerife 2024 wins Miss RNB España 2024 crown against 45 Contestants

The Tenerife representative Elizabeth Laker aka Elizabeth Ledesma Laker, 25, is crowned as Miss RNB España aka Miss Supranational Spain 2024 on Saturday, April 13th starting at 10pm in Teatro Auditorio Salou. The coronation show was streamed live at Youtube.com/@RNBEspana but not available to watch as of now. She succeeded Málaga's Lola Wilson, Miss Supranational Spain 2023.

The pageant venue Teatro Auditorio Salou (TAS) aka Municipal Theatre Auditorium is located in Salou, Tarragona, Spain.

The new queen will represent Spain in Miss Supranational 2024 pageant and Grand Finale on Saturday, July 6, 2024 in Malapolska, Poland.

The Martina Suarez of (Valencia) is placed 1ST Runner while Ainara Martinez (La Rioja) became 2ND Runner-up.

Laker, 25, 175 cm tall, who lives in Arona (Tenerife) is a Personal trainer and makeup artist.

She has University Degree in Tourism, Higher Degrees in Physical Conditioning, and Socio-Sports Teaching and Animation, and Professional Makeup Course. Her Hobbies are Dance, hoop acrobatics, snorkeling. Check the official website Rnbespana.com for more details on all the contestants.

Suarez, 19, 173 cm tall has eesidence in Gandia (Valencia) who works as Rhythmic gymnastics coach. 
She is Middle Degree Technician in Pharmacy and Parapharmacy and her hobbies are Rhythmic gymnastics, horse riding, painting.

Martínez, 18, 173 cm tall resides in Villamediana de Iregua (La Rioja) and works as Rhythmic gymnastics coach. She has dtudied Higher Level Access Course, Rhythmic Gymnastics Coach and Judge Qualification and her hobbies: Rhythmic gymnastics, music, dance.

The List of 46 Contestants at Miss RNB España 2024 / Miss Supranational Spain 2024

  1. Miss RNB A Coruña 2024, Paula Pazos @PauuPazos
  2. Miss RNB Albacete 2024, Silvia Gómez @SilviaGomezGom2
  3. Miss RNB Alicante 2024, Taisa Gnass @Taaiissaa
  4. Miss RNB Almería 2024, Bianca Basso @Bianca_Basso__
  5. Miss RNB Ávila 2024, Judith Sarro @JudithSarro
  6. Miss RNB Badajoz 2024, Paula Críspulo @Paauucc
  7. Miss RNB Barcelona 2024, Paola Grau @PaolaGrau_
  8. Miss RNB Bizkaia 2024, Diana Fernández @DiFedezz
  9. Miss RNB Burgos 2024, Alba Abad @Albaa.Ab
  10. Miss RNB Cáceres 2024, Laura Sanandrés @LauraSanandres_
  11. Miss RNB Cadiz 2024
  12. Miss RNB Cantabria 2024
  13. Miss RNB Castellón 2024
  14. Miss RNB Ceuta 2024
  15. Miss RNB Ciudad Real 2024
  16. Miss RNB Córdoba 2024
  17. Miss RNB Cuenca 2024
  18. Miss RNB Gipuzkoa 2024
  19. Miss RNB Girona 2024
  20. Miss RNB Granada 2024
  21. Miss RNB Guadalajara 2024
  22. Miss RNB Huelva 2024
  23. Miss RNB Balearic Islands 2024
  24. Miss RNB Jaén 2024
  25. Miss RNB La Rioja 2024
  26. Miss RNB Las Palmas 2024
  27. Miss RNB León 2024
  28. Miss RNB Lleida 2024
  29. Miss RNB Lugo 2024
  30. Miss RNB Madrid 2024
  31. Miss RNB Malaga 2024
  32. Miss RNB Melilla 2024
  33. Miss RNB Murcia 2024
  34. Miss RNB Navarra 2024
  35. Miss RNB Ourense 2024
  36. Miss RNB Palencia 2024
  37. Miss RNB Pontevedra 2024
  38. Miss RNB Salamanca 2024
  39. Miss RNB Seville 2024
  40. Miss RNB Tarragona 2024
  41. Miss RNB Tenerife 2024
  42. Miss RNB Teruel 2024
  43. Miss RNB Toledo 2024
  44. Miss RNB Valencia 2024
  45. Miss RNB Zamora 2024
  46. Miss RNB Zaragoza 2024


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