Coronation Today: 52 Contestants Vying Miss Rhode Island USA 2023 Crown: Check Results

WINNER: Mary Malloy Miss Rhode Island USA 2023

TOP 5 Miss Rhode Island USA 2023

  1. Jesaura Peralta
  2. Brianna Vega
  3. Mary Malloy
  4. Katie Bergantine
  5. Kaitlynne Santana Miss Woonsocket USA

Result TOP 14 Miss Rhode Island USA 2023 Contestants / Semifinalists 

  1. Brianna Vega
  2. Nicole Gonzalez
  3. Jill Barry
  4. Giavanna Arakelian
  5. Kaitlin Benson
  6. Katie Bergantine
  7. Nina DiBenedetto
  8. Paris Flynn
  9. Christella Ilunga
  10. Mary Malloy
  11. Danielle Marro
  12. Kaitlynne Santana
  13. Jesaura Peralta
  14. Mikala Joly - Miss People's Choice Winner

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Logon To Stream LIVE at URL The Grand Finale & Coronation Show

Sun, May 28, 2022 Hollywood: The Reigning Queen Elaine Collado Miss Rhode Island USA 2022 will crown her successor today. Total 52 Contestants are in crown race to represent CO State at Miss USA 2023 Stage. At the end of Grand Finale commencing at 2pm on Sunday, May 28th noon, the winner in fifty two delegates will be crowned by Collado.

The Pageant Venue Veterans Memorial Auditorium (The VETS) Theater in Providence, Rhode Island will once again witness the coronation of two queens. Providence become beauty capital for two day hosting 96 Delegates gathered from across the state.

The LIVE Stream Anywhere can be purchased from here, Prelim for $40 and Final at $45 while Full Pageant Costs only $70 to access the Miss RI USA and Miss RI Teen USA Pageant Final 2023.

Karly Rae Laliberte Miss Rhode Island USA 2021 is Rhode Islander in Boston who has joined her sisters in Providence, has shared some pics with unique title "if jean shorts are jorts does that make this a jaxi dress and jlazer"

Yesterday Collado shared: "It was an honor to speak at The Sophia Academy in Providence about motivational thinking and positive affirmations. The staff and students gave me a warm welcome and it was the best way to end my reign. Here are some moments of my last official appearance as Miss Rhode Island USA."

"The Sophia Academy is a no-tuition all girls private school serving inner-city families. To learn more about their powerful mission you can visit them at" 

Miss Rhode Island USA 2023 & Miss Rhode Island USA 2023 Pageant Details

Tickets are only available for purchase at the Pre-Pageant Orientation and again during Pageant Weekend          
Special Reserved Seating Golden Circle 2-day ticket: $150

Preliminaries Saturday, May 27, 2023 Tickets Price $55          
Miss Rhode Island Teen USA 2023 Preliminary Competition: Time: 6PM          
Miss Rhode Island USA 2023 Preliminary Competition: Time: 6PM

Final Competitions & Crowning Sunday, May 28, 2023 Tickets Price $65          
Miss Rhode Island Teen USA 2023 Final Show Time: 2PM          
Miss Rhode Island USA 2023 Final Show Time: 2PM          
Crowning By: Elaine Collado Miss Rhode Island USA 2022 and Julia Potts Miss Rhode Island Teen USA 2022

Check The LIST of 52 Miss Rhode Island Teen USA 2023 Contestants

  1. Abbigail Bland
  2. Ariana Paneto
  3. Ashley Patterson
  4. Ayana Law
  5. Brianna Lyles
  6. Brianna Vega
  7. Christella Ilunga
  8. Colby Dagwan Santos
  9. Danielle Marro
  10. Elizabeth Sa
  11. Emily Andrews Marzella
  12. Giavanna Arakelian
  13. Gwendolyn Prather
  14. Hannah Ferro
  15. Jacqueline Russello
  16. Jenna Farber
  17. Jenna McNeil
  18. Jesaura Peralta
  19. Jill Barry
  20. Jillian Jacobs
  21. Julia Pepka
  22. Julianna Fonseca
  23. Junia Janvier
  24. Kaitlin Benson
  25. Kaitlynne Santana
  26. Katelyn Simeone
  27. Katie Bergantine
  28. Kelsey Wells
  29. Kylie Brewer
  30. Lianna Colarusso
  31. Mackenzie Malloy
  32. Mariela Calabro
  33. Markayla Fernandes
  34. Mary Malloy
  35. McKayla Dove
  36. Merary Rodriguez
  37. Mikala Joly, 27, is Artist & Art Teacher who was Miss Rhode Island Earth 2021. She has shared her past pageant experience and current mindset saying “In 2014, I competed in the Miss RI USA pageant for the first time as one of the youngest girls in the Miss division. Almost 10 years later, I’m going back to where it all started feeling more confident, better prepared, and ready to compete once more before aging out of the division. I’m forever thankful for the doors Miss RI USA has opened for me and for the community pageantry has gifted me over the years. Rhody, I’m ready for you! Let’s do this”
  38. Morgan Greenstein
  39. Natalie Rogge
  40. Nicole Gonzalez
  41. Nicole Saxon
  42. Nina DiBenedetto has very pleasant tale to tell "I’m not doing this for me, I’m doing this for all of you. Going into my 3rd year in the Miss division has been nothing short of incredible. Thank you for watching me blossom into the woman I am today. I am really proud of her :)"
  43. Paris Flynn
  44. Rachel-Rose Komanapalli
  45. Rianna Berretta
  46. Shastery Gonzalez Pena
  47. Sophia Boiani
  48. Stephanie Tavares
  49. Tabitha Vargas
  50. Tiffany Roposa
  51. Victoria Gendron
  52. Yamari Lamour


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