Check Streaming of CNB Teen's Paraguay 2024 and Full Results

The Five Queens became winners at CNB Teen's Paraguay 2024 pageant with the five crowns to International stages, namely Miss Teen Mundial 2024, Miss Teen Americas 2024, Miss Teen Mesoamérica 2024, Miss Teen Petite 2024, and Miss Teen Globe 2024 ]as given below:

  • Miss Teen Mundial Paraguay 2024: Neyde Saiz (Teen Central)
  • Virreina Teen Mundial Paraguay 2024, Luana Denis (Teen Concepción)
  • Miss Teen Americas Paraguay 2024, Cindy Sosa (Teen San Pedro)
  • Miss Teen Mesoamérica Paraguay 2024, Amanda Verón (Teen Canindeyú)
  • Miss Teen Petite Paraguay 2024, Aramiceli Patiño (Teen Paraguarí)
  • Miss Teen Globe Paraguay 2024, Liz Campuzano (Teen Horqueta)

Top 6

  1. Teen Central, @neydesaiz_
  2. Teen Canindeyú, @amaandaveron
  3. Teen Horqueta, @liz_campu
  4. Teen San Pedro, @_cindysosa_
  5. Teen Concepción, @luana_denis_
  6. Teen Paraguarí, @aramiceli_patino

Top 12

  1. Teen Itapúa, @jessicabenitez430
  2. Teen Luque, @yanimrosa_
  3. Teen Ñeembucú, @anahi_godoy4
  4. Teen Yuty, @cantero_dahiana_
  5. Teen Petite Nueva Italia, @fiorella_benitez13
  6. Teen Ypané, @gabygarciavc

Streaming Today The Finals of CNB Teen's Paraguay 2024

Sat, Feb 10, 2024: After a series of Realty CNB 2024, The magical night full of beauty is now happening today on Saturday, February 10th at Salón de Eventos, Fuente Shopping, starting at 8:30 p.m. to elect the new sovereigns of the 2024 edition.

The winners represents Paraguay at the Miss Teen Mundial, Miss Teen Americas, Miss Teen Mesoamerica pageants. Finals are joined by 21 candidates who gave everything in this 2024 edition.

The current title holders are Miss Teen Mundial Paraguay 2023, Soledad Rios (@soledadriosmendoza); Miss Teen Mesoamérica Paraguay 2023, Anyelina Lovera Gimenez (@anyelinadelparaguay); Sol Meza, Miss Teen Petite Paraguay 2023; Paula Mendiola, 1st runner-up Miss Teen Américas & Miss Teen Americas Paraguay 2023.

Rios said "The day has come to hand over this title of Miss Teen Mundial Paraguay, Eternally grateful to each of you who supported me from the very first moment and with much love"

Mendiola said "The day has arrived of many mixed feelings, of happiness and at the same time of sadness, this has been a long path, a path that taught me many things and one of them is not to give up. Today I say goodbye to my national title of Miss Teen Americas Paraguay 2023, a title that I have carried for my entire life, and the only thing I have to say is THANK YOU."

She further adds "Thank you Paraguay for allowing me to be your queen, thank you organization, thank you family and thank you God for this enriching experience. 
And I cannot finish these words without also dedicating them to my future successor, I hope you carry this title with a lot of love just as I did and feel proud to be Paraguay on the American Continent."

The LIVE Streaming is  here through MGM PRODUCCIONES YouTube channel:

The Internationals Guests attending the coronation show are:

  • Francisco Cortez, President of Miss Teen Mundial, Miss Teen El Salvador, CNB, Mr. El Salvador, Miss Teen Americas, Miss Petite International and Mesoamerica International
  • Ismael Moscoso, President of Miss Teen Panama Organization
  • Giulia Zanoni, Miss Teen Mundial 2023

Thu, Feb 8, 2024: Streaming Now The Preliminary Competition of CNB Teen's Paraguay 2024


Sports Winner: Aramiceli Patiño, Teen Paraguarí

Top 5 Best Presentation Video

  1. Teen Petite San Pedro
  2. Teen Paraguarí
  3. Teen Horqueta
  4. Teen Ambush
  5. Teen San Pedro

Top 3 To Model

  1. Teen Horqueta
  2. Teen Luque
  3. Teen Central

Top 3 Talent

  1. Teen Ñemby
  2. Teen Paraguarí
  3. Teen Itapúa

CNB Teen's Paraguay 2024 Contestants

  1. Teen Pedro Juan Caballero, Lauren Gaméz
  2. Teen Central, Neyde Saiz
  3. Teen Luque, Yanim Benitez
  4. Teen Itapúa, Jessica Benítez
  5. Miss Teen Concepción 2024, Luana Denis
  6. Teen Ypané, Gabriela García
  7. Teen Yuty, Dahiana Cantero
  8. Teen Ñemby, Andrea Cristaldo
  9. Teen Itapúa, Jessica Benítez
  10. Teen Yegros, Matilde Kobs
  11. Teen Lambaré, Mía Reynal
  12. Teen Caacupé, Melissa Rivas
  13. Teen San Lorenzo, Evanhy Cañete
  14. Teen Nueva Italia, Camila Britez
  15. Teen Horqueta, Liz Campuzano
  16. Teen Asunción, Araceli González
  17. Teen Concepción, Luana Denis
  18. Teen San Antonio, Ivonne Arias
  19. Teen Canindeyú, Amanda Verón
  20. Teen San Pedro, Cindy Sosa
  21. Teen Ñeembucú, Anahí Godoy
  22. Teen Emboscada, Aracely Fernández
  23. Teen Paraguarí, Aramiceli Patiño

CNB Teen's Petite Paraguay 2024 Contestants

  1. Teen Petite San Pedro,  Ingrid Eisenhut
  2. Teen Petite Luque, Maiá Collante
  3. Teen Petite Nueva Italia, Fiorella Benítez

Image: Official Social Media


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