Adéla Štroffekova was crowned Miss Czech Republic & Miss World Czech Republic 2024

Once Miss Earth Czech Republic 2021 is now Miss World Czech Republic 2024

The founder of ForEventRaw s.r.o @foreventraw, Adéla Štroffeková @adela_stroffekova, 22 of Hometown Prague has won over Top 9 Contestants and crowned as Miss Czech Republic & Miss World Czech Republic 2024 to represent her country at The 72ND Miss World 2025 Pageant.

The Full Results of Miss Czech Republic 2024 Pageant

  1. Miss Czech Republic & Miss World Czech Republic 2024: Adéla Štroffekova
  2. Miss Grand Czech Republic 2024: Veronika Biasiol
  3. Miss Supranational Czech Republic 2025: Michaela Macháčková
  4. Miss International Czech Republic 2024: Alina Demenťjeva
  5. Miss Intercontinental Czech Republic 2024: Julie Smékalová
  6. Top Model 2024: Julie Smékalová
  7. Miss Popularity 2024: Adéla Štroffekova
  8. Miss Photogenic 2024: Alina Demenťjeva

Check Contestants List at Miss Czech Republic 2024 Pageant and Live Stream Details

This year Miss Czech Republic 2024 pageant is going on to elect successors of Justyna Zedníková Miss Czech Republic 2023 & Miss Supranational Czech Republic 2024, Sophia Maria Osaka Miss Grand Czech Republic 2023, Marie Jedličková Miss Supranational Czech Republic 2023, Dominika Nemečková Miss International Czech Republic 2023, and Anna Benešová Miss Intercontinental Czech Republic 2023.

The Final LIVE Streaming Miss Czech Republic 2024

The Live TV Nova Fun is available starting 20:20 on Saturday, May 11, 2024 from pageant venue Forum Karlín Located in WorkLounge Karlín in Prague, Czechia. As per the organization is official streaming channels of Coronation Gala which also has Contestant Introduction Videos

About NEW UNIQUE CROWN which shines in crystal and sapphire blue colors, The Crystal Charming Desire produced by Olga Kopalová's team

Rynešová from the Jablonec company @senyrbijoux. The director of the competition also had her share in the creation of the unique @tatanamakarenko together with creative director @samdolceofficial . This gem will adorn the winner of the most prestigious competition for the beauty queen in the Czech Republic @missczechrepublic 2024, which is currently owns four of the five Grand Slam licenses of world beauty pageants.

"Variety and variety of shapes and groupings - this is the royal crown of Crystal Charming Desire, which is supposed to evoke all the emotions associated with victory. The nobility and grace of young girls who, with the desire to win, compete for the title of beauty queen, as well as their fragility and at the same time the strength they show us. Self-confident, capable and determined girls can shine unmistakably in the world and create something completely original and beneficial. The girls of this year convinced me again that they definitely have potential and I believe that they will represent our republic with dignity." said Olga Kopalová Rynešová owner @senyrbijoux

The motif of the crown is a design grouping of seven crystal elements consisting of crosses, rectangles, waves and other shapes. The symbol of the cross multiplied by a lucky seven thus expresses faith, social values, love and respect, which is also underlined by the creator's brand ŠENÝR Beautiful soul. Pearls are offered as a symbol of fighting spirit for wearers with a beautiful soul, girls can do magic in any field they choose.

Hundreds of sparkling crystal stones and a silver surface complete the overall image of this piece of jewelry.

"The fame of our jewelry has been newly supported by the entry on the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the winner will receive an all the more valuable crown at the coronation. I believe that she wins and

a jewel changes a life, and I am honored that we can induce similar feelings in other women adorned with ours jewelry," added Kopalová..

Luciana Fuster in Czech Republic, Check The Purpose

After Crowning Miss Grand Spain 2024, Miss Grand International 2023, Luciana Fuster is coming officially to visit Czech Republic starting from May 12 to May 15,, 2024, to collaborate with the Miss Czech Republic Organization and the new Miss Grand Czech Republic 2024 on various activities in Prague.

Check TOP 10 Finalist Contestants List at Miss Czech Republic 2024 here

On Wednesday, April 24th the 10 finalists are revealed

  1. Petra Beníšková (@petra_benis), Love Islands CZ&SK 2023
  2. Adéla Štroffeková (@adela_stroffekova)
  3. Michaela Macháčková (@machackovamichalka)
  4. Marie Babíčková (@marie_babickova)
  5. Julie Smékalová (@julie.smekalova), 19 years old, 179 cm, Prague Studying Gymnasium Litoměřická JOB: modeling, creation of UGC videos
  6. Alina Demenťjeva (@d_ali_na)
  7. Absa - Tina.Diallo (@tinaa.diallo), She was Love Island 2022
  8. Michaela Sedláková (@sedlakovamichaela1), Founder of Speed coffee - Coffee for a better day
  9. Veronica Biasiol (@veronicabiasiol), 25 years, 175 cm, Prague, Works: as Podnikateka, She is founder of Honey Merch clothing brand, also runs Honey Talk Podcast at YouTube, Spotify & Apple Podcasts
  10. Simona Kuklová (@simonakuklova), Founder The Fashion Hunters
  11. Tereza Unčovská (@tereza.uncovska)

The Top 20 Miss Czech Republic 2024

The Twenty Semifinalists are revealed on Sunday, January 7th, 2024 at Corinthia Prague Hotel.
  1. Mariana Felixová (@marifelixova), 24 years old, 177 cm, Mníšek pod Brdy, STUDIES: Faculty of Theology of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice. WORKS: As a sports gymnastics coach and tour guide for air tours to the UK and Spain
  2. Hana Cermanová (@hanacermanova), Miss Opravdová Krása 2022, Miss Šantovka 2023 and Face of PFB Promo 2023
  3. Anna-Marie Mařáková (@annamarie.marak), Age: 20 years, City: Brno, studies: Newton University, job: social media manager
  4. Tereza Unčovská (@tereza.uncovska)
  5. 'Ellie' Ellen Jedličková @ellen_jedlickova, 170cm, Louny and studies at the Václav Hlavatý Gymnasium in Louny, 18 years old.
  6. Valerie Hlinovská (@03valinka), 172cm, Chomutov, 20 years old, WORKS: As a model, trainer, entrepreneur.
  7. Adéla Soukalová (@adela.soukalova)
  8. Adéla Černá (@adelacernaa), 20 years old, 179cm, Teplice Education: Secondary school, pre-school and out-of-school pedagogy. WORKS: As a model, Kindergarten teacher
  9. Zuzana Jechová (@zuzi_jechova)
  10. Natálie Veselá (@natalie_vesela), 178cm Residence: Prague Studies: Criminology and forensic disciplines at the University of Finance and Administration WORKS: as a model SEMIFINALIST @missczechrepublic 2024

Miss Czech Republic 2024 Last Casting on Nov 13th

Sat, Oct 28, 2023: Tow-day Castings of Miss Czech Republic 2024 is today commences at Praha OC PALLADIUM. As of now 6 casting have been completed and more than 30 Semi-finalist candidates have been cleared to compete at November Semi-finals.

Total 15 Contestants / Semi-finalists have been selected in following Castings:

  • 3 Contestants at Zlín OC Zlín OC Zlaté Jablko Casting on September 22nd
  • 5 Contestants Praha OC Stromovka Casting on September 23rd
  • 3 Contestants at Ostrava OC Futurum Casting on September 29th
  • 4 Contestants at České Budějovice IGY Centrum Casting on October 6th
  • 4 Contestants at Olomouc Galerie Šantovka Casting on October 7th
  • 5 Contestants at OC Aupark Hradec Králové Casting on October 13th
  • Casting at Praha OC PALLADIUM Casting on October 28th
  • Casting at Praha OC PALLADIUM Casting on October 28th
  • Casting on Brno OC Vaňkovka Casting on November 13th

The LIST of Miss Czech Republic 2024 Contestants

Some names are to be added later

  1. Kateřina Kristýna Krejčová krejcova.katerinaa
  2. Veronika Prášilová @veronikaprasil
  3. Kristýna Zálešáková @tina_zale
  4. Terka Zvejšková @terkazvejskova
  5. Nikola Krůželová @niki.kruzelova
  6. @radus_kucerova
  7. Alzbeta @krizova.bety
  8. Eli @kukacovaeli
  9. Tessia @the_tessia
  10. Mari @marifelixova
  11. Adéla Siročáková @adelasirocakova
  12. Si Ma @simona_scheinner
  13. Hana Střelcová @hana_strelcova
  14. Natalie Svobodová @natalie_svobo
  15. Gordana Bilecová @gordana_bilecova
  16. Kateřina Holušová @kataholusova
  17. Karolína Valentová @karoli_valentova
  18. Dominique Alagia @domialagia
  19. Kristýna Tůmová @kristynatumova_
  20. Adéla Priškinová @adelapriskinovaa
  21. Domi @krepinskaaa
  22. Janel Najafli @janel.najafli
  23. Tamila Khodjaeva @tamila_sparrow, Miss Global 2018
  24. Denisa Pazderová @denisa_pazderova
  25. Natalie Peckova @natpeckova
  26. 'Ellie' Ellen Jedličková @ellen_jedlickova,
  27. Kristýna Kolářová kristyna.kolarovaa
  28. Neli @neli_i_love_you
  29. Denisa Merca @denisa_merca

The pageant is lead by Founder, President and CEO Taťána Pánek Makarenko @tatanamakarenko

Images: Social Media Facebook missczechrep | Instagram @missczechrepublic |


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