Celia Sevilla was CRWONED Miss Grand España / Miss Grand Spain 2023: Watch Full Show

Miss Grand Toledo takes home Miss Grand España this year, will represent Sapin at Miss Grand International 2023

Check All The Contestants at the Miss Grand España 2024 pageant and Full Results

Sat, Mar 25, 2023: The Reigning Queen Hirisley Jiménez Miss Grand Spain 2022 has just crown her successor, The Winner Against 33 Contestants, Celia Sevilla as Miss Grand España / Miss Grand Spain 2023 at the conclusion of Final Contest on Saturday, March 25, 2023.

Toledo Representative Celia Sevilla González (Insta @celiasevilla_) is a model who walked many ramps who is aspiring Law and International Relations professional. Celia is 21 years old and 1M73 cm tall, she has lived in Toledo for four years to study the 2nd year of Law and International Relations. Originally from La Roda, Albacete, Castilla-La Mancha, she became Miss Grand Toledo 2022 in the Ocaña, Toledo pageant. She is the first Miss Gran España to come from Castilla-La Mancha..

Miss Grand España 2023 aka Miss Grand Spain 2023 was a 8-Day Event during March 19-26th with Grand Finale on Sat, Mar 25, 2023 commencing at 9pm at Centro Comercial Martiánez, Puerto de la Cruz, Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Martiánez Commercial Shopping Mall. the Port of the Cross of Tenerife Centro).

The Newly Crowned Queen Celia Sevilla Miss Grand España / Miss Grand Spain 2023 will represent her nation Spain in Vietnam where The Reigning Queen Isabella Menin Miss Grand International 2022 will crown her successor at the end of Grand Finale in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on Wednesday October 25, 2023

Here is Full Court of New Miss Grand España 2023 Celia Sevilla, @celiasevilla_, Miss Grand Toledo:

Celia Sevilla Contestant Statement: She meets two admiring women, check:

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of sharing a dinner with two of the women I admire the most. As I told them yesterday, it means a lot to me that they took some time of their busy schedules to teach us what belonging to the Grand family means.
Hard work, sacrifice, training, perseverance, passion, team spirit and solidarity . All these values ​​are personified in @isanmenin y @teresa.mgi .
We have been working for months to make a dream come true and the fact that we could speak directly with what we aspire to become was very motivating.
Thank you for welcoming us into the Grand family!!

Celia Sevilla González (@celiasevilla_) is a 173 cm tall, 22 years old Spanish model. She is finishing a double degree in Law and International relations while pursuing her dream of becoming the next Miss Grand International.

She has a very interesting background due to the fact that she lived in Poland and studied in an American school for a large part of her childhood, which allowed her to be fluent in English, French, Polish and of course Spanish.

Celia describes herself as someone who is constantly learning, in fact she admits that one of her favorite hobbies is learning new things. She plays the piano, sings in a youth choir and has tried all types of sports throught the years. Although she acknowledges that the ones she is more passionate about are dancing and basketball.

Having suffered the disease firsthand within her family, Celia is a faithful defender that science and research are the only ways to advance against diseases that take away our loved ones on a daily basis. For this reason, she is a member of the Spanish association fighting cancer and multiple sclerosis. She works first hand with associations to ameliorate their negative impact on the community.

She is determined to work tirelessly to bring the first ever golden crown to Spain and share with her country the joy of this GRAND EXPERIENCE!!

Celia Sevilla Image by Lorena Villarreal Photo in Striking Yellow Outfit on The First Day Miss Grand Spain 2023 Sash Ceremony (Imposición de bandas): She asks: With this act we officially start the rally of Miss Grand Spain. I feel truly blessed to be here and can't wait to live this experience to the fullest. What do you think of this dress, did you like it?? Reply here www.instagram.com/p/CqCGIk9qV2u

Celia Sevilla Departure Look

Celia Sevilla Swimsuit Look

Want to Check The List of 34 Miss Grand Spain 2023 Contestants? Here is the Name, Local Title and Instagram of Spanish Beauty Queens in Race for National Crown

  1. Miss Grand Extremadura Jara Bonito @jarabonitoo
  2. Miss Grand Alicante Yamila Heredia @yamilaherediapiele
  3. Miss Grand Almeria Denisse Andor @denissevivienne
  4. Miss Grand Andalucía Cecilia Bellido @cecilia_bellido
  5. Miss Grand Atlantico Hari Pérez @haariperez
  6. Miss Grand Barcelona Marta Rovira @martaroviram
  7. Miss Grand Cadiz Nuria Vela @_nuriavela
  8. Miss Grand Cantabria Marina Edilla @marinaedilla
  9. Miss Grand Castellón Nakary Anyelid @nakaryreym
  10. Miss Grand Córdoba Pilar Espejo @pilarespejo27
  11. Miss Grand Costa Canaria Saraj Cicero @saraajcicero
  12. Miss Grand Costa de Sol Nuria González @nuriaglg
  13. Miss Grand Costa Gallega Nerea Casas @nereecasass
  14. Miss Grand Euskadi Lorea Urkia @loreaurkia
  15. Miss Grand Galicia Nuria Méndez @nueia
  16. Miss Grand Girona Cristina López @cristinaclea_
  17. Miss Grand Granada Marta Guarnido @martags_99
  18. Miss Grand Huelva Lucía García Fábrega @luciiafabrega
  19. Miss Grand Islas Afortunadas Daniela González @daanieladelgaado
  20. Miss Grand Islas Baleares Marina Vich Moll @marinavich_
  21. Miss Grand Jaen Alba Hayas @albahayas_
  22. Miss Grand Las Palmas Dayanara Rodriguez @dayarodriiguez
  23. Miss Grand La Rioja Alejandra Leon @alejaandra.leon
  24. Miss Grand Lleida Sonia Romero Castro @soniacastro.r
  25. Miss Grand Madrid Faridi Dacasa @faridi_dacasa
  26. Miss Grand Málaga Patricia Romero @patriciaroreina
  27. Miss Grand Murcia Maria Moreno @mariaaamd
  28. Miss Grand Navarra Nerea Moreno @nereamorenoc
  29. Miss Grand Sevilla Andrea Boza @_andreaboza
  30. Miss Grand Tarragona Ainara Sánchez @ainara_model
  31. Miss Grand Tenerife Carolina Barroso @carolinabarper
  32. Miss Grand Toledo Celia Sevilla @celiasevilla_
  33. Miss Grand Valencia Maria Rojas @maricherryx
  34. Miss Grand Zaragoza Lara Gil @laragil98


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