Caitlyn Dulcie is CROWNED Miss Earth New Zealand 2023

Sat, May 27, 2023 Hollywood: New Zealand today crowned the Miss Earth 2023 Representative. She is Caitlyn Dulcie who lives in Auckland, a dancer, musician, media, film, and part-time model..
The Grand Finale of Miss New Zealand Earth 2023 was held today on Saturday May 27th at 1 PM UTC+06 in Te Pou Theatre in Henderson, Auckland.

Newly crowned Caitlyn Dulcie Miss Earth New Zealand 2023 will represent her nation New Zealand at 23rd Miss Earth 2023 pageant in Queen Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa, Vietnam where The Reigning queen South Korea’s Mina Sue Choi Miss Earth 2022 will crown her successor at the end of the grand finale.

As a Miss New Zealand Earth 2023 Contestant Caitlyn Dulcie aka Caitlyn Dulcie Smythe "Kia ora, my name is Caitlyn Dulcie. I am 23 years old. I was born and raised in Pukekohe, Franklin District. I currently live in Auckland. I completed my Postgraduate degree in New Media and English last year and I am working toward completing my Masters in the same field. I am a classical musician, dancer, freelance model and an artist. My hobbies include netball, yoga, pilates and skateboarding. Education and working with youth are also passions of mine.”
She believes Miss Earth should be a humanitarian with a genuine interest in environmental issues that affect people locally and globally. A person who holds true to themselves as a good role model for future generations demonstrating the values of the Miss Earth pageant. This person must be a lifelong learner, willing to get their hands dirty to make a difference, always adaptable to their environment. I strongly believe it is our responsibility to look after our earth as a taonga to be treasured with care to make it a better and safe home.

There is a local movement, Caitlyn Dulcie has empathy for. It is for the farmers who are opposing urbanisation in Pukekohe. I grew up as a rural girl living next to hard working farmers who maintained their fields catered to cows specifically. This place is now known as Paerata Rise. Pukekohe has some of the most fertile land composed of volcanic soil in New Zealand. Lack of farmland means less supplied goods and overpriced products, therefore affects cost of living. Now the area is getting subsumed by high density developments with unsustainable construction materials. Urban sprawl is now becoming an urgent matter to address with the current flooding and cyclone issues. I want to promote better infrastructure planning to be mindful of water flow, drainage and safer home placements. 

Caitlyn believe the Miss Earth NZ pageant can be used as a platform to develop my gifts and knowledge to connect communities together and grow awareness for a green global world. This includes working with community leaders, local Councils and the Government to address the issues with the developers and farming concerns."

Results: Miss Earth New Zealand 2023: Caitlyn Dulcie

  1. Miss Earth Air New Zealand 2023: Mercedes Budd
  2. Miss Earth Water New Zealand 2023: Lelaine Dela Cruz
  3. Miss Earth Fire New Zealand 2023: Alyssa Roberts
  4. Miss Earth Land New Zealand 2023: Moya Van Kooten

Special Awards

  1. Best In Production Number: Moya Van Kooten
  2. Best In National Costume: Alyssa Roberts
  3. Best In Swimwear: Lelaine Dela Cruz
  4. Best In Evening Wear: Mercedes Budd
  5. Best In Judge’s Interview: Caitlyn Dulcie
  6. Best In Talent: Caitlyn Dulcie
  7. Best Environmental Video: Alyssa Roberts
  8. Miss People's Choice: Mercedes Budd
  9. Miss Congeniality: Lelaine Dela Cruz
  10. Miss Photogenic: Alyssa Roberts


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