Bea Millan-Windorski is CROWNED Miss Earth USA 2024

Wisconsin takes United States National Crown to represent at Miss Earth 2024 in Vietnam

Beatrice Millan-Windorski wins against 52 Contestants

Sun, Dec 31, 2023: The Miss Earth United States pageant, a national preliminary to Miss Earth Pageant has elected Miss Earth Wisconsin, Beatrice Millan-Windorski aka Bea Millan-Windorski as new Miss Earth USA 2024.

She was crowned by Miss Earth USA 2023, Danielle Mullins at the end of Grand Finale in the pageant venue Rosen Centre in Orlando which started at 5pm EST LIVE at

Miss Texas Earth, Sofia Terrazas is placed The Miss Earth USA Air 2024 (The first runner-up). The other runners-up are Jireh Gerry Miss Water USA of California, Sydney Hella Miss Fire USA of Colorado, and Jada Kelly Miss Eco USA of Mississippi.

Millan-Windorski was Miss Milwaukee Area’s Outstanding Teen 2020. 'Bea' Beatrice Millan-Windorski will represent the United States at the upcoming 24th Annual Miss Earth competition based in the Philippines, where Miss Earth 2023, Drita Ziri of Albania will crown her successor at the end of the pageant final.

She is pursuing an honors degree in International Relations and History at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Bea is dedicated to funding and raising awareness for climate refugees displaced due to climate related disasters.

Contestant's Statement

It’s hard to believe finals are already TONIGHT! Regardless of the outcome I am so proud of myself and my sister queens for putting it all out there. Not only have we put in countless hours of pasarela and interview practice, but each delegate on the @missearthusa stage has made a real and positive impact on her community and the environment

Results: 'Bea' Bea Millan-Windorski Miss Earth USA 2024 (Wiscomsin)


  1. Bea Millan-Windorski Miss Earth Wisconsin 2024
  2. Jada Kelly Miss Earth Mississippi 2024
  3. Jireh Gerry Miss Earth California 2024
  4. Sofia Terrazas Miss Earth Texas 2024
  5. Sydney Hella Miss Earth Colorado 2024

TOP 10

  1. Eugenia Zhang, Miss Earth Connecticut 2024
  2. Gracie Pfaff, Miss Earth Tennessee 2024
  3. Sarah Sherwood, Miss Earth Southwest 2024
  4. Serena Exantus, Miss Earth New York 2024
  5. Valentina Delgado, Miss Earth Florida 2024

TOP 15

  1. Alanna Lynch, Miss Earth West Virginia 2024
  2. Jordan Johnson, Miss Earth Maryland 2024
  3. Kristen Hunt, Miss Earth New Jersey 2024
  4. Madison Nero, Miss Earth Michigan 2024
  5. Yamani Ballantyne, Miss Earth North Carolina 2024

TOP 20

  1. Autumn Ballington, Miss Earth South Carolina 2024
  2. Ayana Albertini-Fleurant, Miss Earth Southeast 2024
  3. Isabella Williams, Miss Earth Vermont 2024
  4. Mattie Barker, Miss Earth Kentucky 2024
  5. Tiffany Acosta, Miss Earth Pennsylvania 2024

Special Awards

  • Top Fundraiser: Miss Earth Kentucky
  • Still She Rose Grant Winners Miss Earth Tennessee, Miss Earth Colorado and Miss Earth Gulf Coast
  • Best in Swimwear: Miss Earth Texas
  • Champion of Diversity: Miss Earth Oregon
  • Best in Runway: Miss Earth Wisconsin
  • Best in Interview: Miss Earth Wisconsin
  • Best in Evening Gown: Miss Earth Kentucky
  • Miss Congeniality & Miss Photogenic: Miss Earth California
  • Miss Beauty for a Cause: Miss Earth South Carolina
  • Miss Authentic Beauty: Miss Earth Iowa
  • Miss Social Responsibility: Miss Earth Vermont
  • Miss Positive Spirit: Miss Earth Arkansas

The LIST of 53 Contestants Vying Miss Earth USA 2024 Crown

  1. Miss Earth  Alabama 2024, Samantha Chapin
  2. Miss Earth Alaska 2024, Niara Iman
  3. Miss Earth Arizona 2024, Sidney Torres
  4. Miss Earth Arkansas 2024, Gail Muggill
  5. Miss Earth California 2024, Jireh Gerry
  6. Miss Earth Colorado 2024, Sydney Hella
  7. Miss Earth Connecticut 2024, Eugenia Zhang
  8. Miss Earth Delaware 2024, Brianna Clark
  9. Miss Earth Dist. Of Columbia 2024, Geneva Mazhandu
  10. Miss Earth East Coast 2024, Sophie Powell
  11. Miss Earth Florida 2024, Valentina Delgado
  12. Miss Earth Georgia 2024, Ajayla Holingshed
  13. Miss Earth Gulf Coast 2024, Haley Victoria Mccluskey
  14. Miss Earth Hawaii 2024, Victoria Christensen
  15. Miss Earth Illinois 2024, Dominique Greenman
  16. Miss Earth Iowa 2024, Xia Lowery
  17. Miss Earth Kansas 2024, Jordan Golden
  18. Miss Earth Kentucky 2024, Mattie Barker
  19. Miss Earth Louisiana 2024, Tea Mcconkey
  20. Miss Earth Maine 2024, Elana Roberts
  21. Miss Earth Maryland 2024, Jordan Johnson
  22. Miss Earth Massachusetts 2024, Eddia Watts
  23. Miss Earth Michigan 2024, Madison Nero
  24. Miss Earth Minnesota 2024, Katerina Katakalides
  25. Miss Earth Mississippi 2024, Jada Kelly
  26. Miss Earth Missouri 2024, Flora Ravin
  27. Miss Earth Nevada 2024, Alondra Perez
  28. Miss Earth New Hampshire 2024, Alexandra Perkins
  29. Miss Earth New Jersey 2024, Kristen Hunt
  30. Miss Earth New Mexico 2024, Merlyn Torres
  31. Miss Earth New York 2024, Serena Exantus
  32. Miss Earth North Carolina 2024, Yamani Ballantyne
  33. Miss Earth North Dakota 2024, Syria Gonzalez
  34. Miss Earth Northwest 2024, Erin Kwon
  35. Miss Earth Ohio 2024, Alexia Gomez
  36. Miss Earth Oklahoma 2024, Irene Zielinski
  37. Miss Earth Oregon 2024, Riana Jenkins
  38. Miss Earth Pennsylvania 2024, Tiffany Acosta
  39. Miss Earth Rhode Island 2024, Abbigail Bland
  40. Miss Earth South Carolina 2024, Autumn Ballington
  41. Miss Earth South Dakota 2024, Jaimye Wininger
  42. Miss Earth Southeast 2024, Ayana Albertini-Fleurant
  43. Miss Earth Southwest 2024, Sarah Sherwood
  44. Miss Earth Tennessee 2024, Gracie Pfaff
  45. Miss Earth Texas 2024, Sofia Terrazas
  46. Miss Earth Utah 2024, Kortnie Koebel
  47. Miss Earth Vermont 2024, Isabella Williams
  48. Miss Earth Virginia 2024, Alexa Arzillo
  49. Miss Earth Washington 2024, Abbygail Dereje
  50. Miss Earth West Coast 2024, Jenny Tran
  51. Miss Earth West Virginia 2024, Alanna Lynch
  52. Miss Earth Wisconsin 2024, Bea Millan-Windorski
  53. Miss Earth Wyoming 2024, Alexis Faye Rodis

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